World's top ten creative - running alarm clock

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    • Description:
    • World's top ten creative - running alarm clock    
    This will roll the clock has two wheels , one to set the time , in addition to and as an ordinary alarm clock beep call things, it will get out on their own , as to where to go to rolled , it is said that even do not know . Want it to shut up , you have to get up immediately , it has not disappeared in a certain way place to catch it before .
    If you are a guy like anyone stay in bed , Clocky can is your enemy . It is not only at the exact time to wake you , but if you can not afford to continue to rely on with it, see two big wheels had not , it will be with these two super- invincible " Hot Wheels " from your bed Head away, hid in a corner until the date of your sleepy completely off . Of course, anyone stay in bed is a human. Out of humanitarian considerations , Clocky can set 0-9 minutes of anyone stay in bed time . However, if the date up yet , hey, it got up to prepare your Clocky over the world to find it .
    1 , alarm clock will always run forward , please put bedside corner outwards ;
    2, alarm 3 feet high from the nightstand, fall to , so do not put in too high . Cabinet is best not more than three feet ;
    3 , alarm clock, wooden floors and can run on most carpets .
    4, alarm clock will be in the same direction for 30 seconds , until it finds a place rest . Alarm clock movement and sound the alarm , the backlight will flash work .
    5 , and sometimes , when the clock hit the wall when the rotation;
    6, finish , the clock will continue to 9 minutes of beeps . Or to turn off your alarm clock up .
    7 , clock language , combined with ordinary alarm clock beeps .
    8, the night time look , you can press any key to start the 3 second backlight .
    Main features:
    Free to set the calibration time, date ; LCD screen display with alarm clock with snooze function , also with a backlight.
    1 , using 4 AAA batteries
    2 , it has the game features only forward, backward , clockwise and counterclockwise rotation , 360 ° rotation, rolling and other irregular movements ;
    3 , alarm clock, hit the wall would be crazy ;
    4 , was found to be replaced when the low voltage warning the health of the battery ;
    5, when the start of the lazy sleep function , then the alarm time users lose control may cause serious or even rage .

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