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Oral Hygiene

oral hygiene is very important to health. here are oral hygiene products for you, Ultrasonic Tooth Whitening toothbrush. this oral hygiene device has low and high frequency and individually frequency modulation with auto-timer available. put some toothpaste on the toothbrush and then put the oral hygiene deivce inside oral cavity or outside the oral cavity. the brush head will begin to shake. sensitive teeth should use the low-frequency vibration. Normal teeth can use high-frequency vibration, by the second time switch.
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the oral hygiene devices are designed for waterproof and skidproof. though it has such functions, you should also keep it dry. oral hygiene products are quite easy and convenient to use. for example, the Ultrasonic Tooth Whitening Hoothbrush is perfectly desinged to make you have a fresh and healthy oral. you just need to brush for three minutes and then it will automatically stop. after useage, wash your mounth and clean the oral hygiene device. but please warning that: people with heart pacemakers please do not use this oral hygiene device. and place it out of the children's reach.
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