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Magnifying Lamp

Magnifying Lamp can help you look the small things more clear and detailedly.there are Microscope Magnifying lamps,USB electronic microscope Magnifying Lamp,Helmet Magnifier and so on.some Magnifying Lamp has LED microscope 45x and mini shape or different colors.the Magnifying Lamp cab be used in many industries,such as jewelry industry,printing industry,textile industry and also can be used for animal and plant specimens.
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Magnifying Lamp with color CMOS image sensor, explosure control, auto white balance control, auto sharpness control, high speed DSP, BW708 USB electronic microscope has easy and convenient magnification and showing minimus details.high-quality CMOS sensor, with software capable of static interpolation up to 1.3 million pixels.Digital Zoom Available.Brightness Adjustable.With 1.3-5m pixels, USB 2.0 port and 1/10-200 times maginfication,A002 USB can be more convenient & clear to inspect circuit and different part of body, such as (air, throat, ears etc).It is realy good gadget for body beauty, home health care.
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