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Multimedia iRig Mic Handeld...

Multimedia iRig Mic Handeld...

US$47.99 US$39.99
SP-500A Home theater mini...

SP-500A Home theater mini...

US$406.45 US$338.71
Starry Sky Projection Little...

Starry Sky Projection Little...

US$12.10 US$10.08
COOLUX Projector A2

COOLUX Projector A2

US$438.46 US$365.38
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Home Theater Projectors

home theater projectors are advanced devices. here we recommend you some home theater projectors. for instance, COOLUX projector A2. this home theater projector has a wide range of applications, such as Business and products presentations, company training, School education and home amusement etc. it has adopted the RGB LCD technology with an expected life of over 20,000 hours. home theater projector can support up to 100 GB of memory by SD card U disk, and will store and play movied including MP3/MP4/MP5/ASF/AVI/JPEG4/3gp/WMV/AMV/RMVB, and other files at any time.
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US$47.99     US$39.99

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US$406.45     US$338.71

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US$438.46     US$365.38
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home theater projectors are environmental friendly and energy-saving home appliances. it has no radiation. home theater projectors are perfectly designed with an optical tripod capable of rotating through an angle of 360 degree. projector A2 will enable watch TV on walls and ceillings while lying in bed. home theater projectors also have connectors for USB, computer, DVD,AV,digital camera,PDAmobile phone,MP4 and PSP etc. home theater projectors have built-in speakers to play audio files independently. it is capable of connecting to external speakers, that can give a home theatre effect. buy wholesale home theater projectors from china.
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