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Flash memory card

with Flash memory card,your mobile content is no longer tied to your phone.Share your content collections with friends, family and colleagues easily with this removable Flash memory card specifically designed for mobile phones with expansion slots. Flash memory card also helps you move data between phones. If you're changing service or upgrading your handset, the Flash memory card lets you easily transfer phone lists, settings or ring tones.
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Maximize your mobile phones, MP3 Player, PDA storage and performance - rely on Flash memory card for additional storage capacity.Flash memory card's ultra-small size consumes very little power from your handset, to give you longer battery life on your phone. Flash memory card save and store digital content effortlessly and then transfer it to other devices as needed with the full-size Micro SD adapter that comes with each card.Flash memory card has large storage capacities so that you’ll always have room for a variety of digital content from images and maps to video clips, games, digital audio and more.
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