Superb MINIPA MDS 8020 Digital Oscilloscope

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    • Description:
    • Superb MINIPA MDS 8020 Digital Oscilloscope    
    20MHZ bandwidth.
    2.5GS/s repeat sampling rate; Real-time sampling rate: 100MS/s every channel, single channel: 200MS/s.
    Normal, single, rolling, auto-trigger trigger mehtod.
    nput impedance: 1MΩ±1%, 20pF±3%.

    • Specifications:
    • Superb MINIPA MDS 8020 Digital Oscilloscope    


      Model  MDS-8020 

      Bandwidth  60MHZ 

      Sampling rate  ·  Real-time sampling rate: 100MS/s every channel, single channel: 200MSs 
        ·  Repeat sampling rate: 2.5GS/s 

      Input channel  2 channels 

      Input coupling  DC/AC 

      Input impedance  1MΩ±1%, 20pF±3% 

      Probe attenuation system  X1, X10 

      Biggest input voltage  300V(DC input), 600V(10:1 probe attenuation) 


      Vertical resolution  8-bit rate 

      Sensitivity range  5mV/div-100V/div(1,2,5) 

      Vertical accuracy  ±3% 


      Sweep speed range  50ns/ div-50s/div, 10ns/div-50s/div 

      Realistic accuracy  ±0.01% 

      Location range  Pretrigger: 20 div; Back-trigger: 1000 div 

      Delay resolution  1/250 screen diameter 

      Time interval measurement accuracy  ±3% 

      Mode  Main mode, XY mode 

      XY mode  Yes 


      Trigger source  Channel A and B 

      Trigger method  Normal, Single, rolling, auto-trigger 

      Advanced selection  Edge, pulse width, 

      Pattern mode  Trigger in any positive or negative pulse width among >/</=/≠ 200ns or 10s 

      TV  525/NTSC, 625/PAL, Source A, CHA, CHB, EVEN filed, Odd filed, select 

      TV sensitivity  0.7div triggering level 

      Auto –switch the measurement range  Yes 

      Triggering level range  ±10 divisions far from frequency center 

      Horizontal precision  ±0.4 divisions 

      Horizontal resolution  500 pixels 

      Sensitivity  DC 5MHZ-0.5div (1.5 divisions) 

      Anti-noise method  Yes 

      Coupling method  ·  DC: DC coupling trigger, AC: AC coupling trigger load check frequency<1HZ, HF reject: >50KHZ 
        ·  LF reject: >30KHZ, sound interference resistance, 3 times more than DC coupling valves 

      Real time sampling  Every channel: 100MS/s 

      Wave form interpolation  Dot, line-shape, sine, pulse 

      Recording length  125KB/channel 

      Sampling method  Normal, peak value test, envelope mode, average value 

      Peak value test  10ns 

      Average value  2-256 

      Vertical resolution  8-bit 

      Sampling precision  100ppm 

      The smallest sampling precision  100ms/s(250ns-50s/div) 

      Auto measurement  ·  Peak value, the biggest value, the smallest value, amplitude, top, bottom, positive/negative overshoot, preshoot, root-mean-square value 
        ·  Median and median during one period, frequency, period, +width, -width, duty ratio, rise time 
        ·  Fall time, phase position 

      Waveform arithmetical operation  CHA+CHB, CHA-CHB, CHB-CHA 

      Cursor test  Voltage difference test 

      Voltage difference  Voltage difference among cursors 

      Time difference  Time difference among cursors 

      FFT  MDS -8060 

      Window  Rectangular, hamming, hanning, blackman-harris 

      Amplitude display  Changeable db(1/5/10/20db) 

      The biggest frequency  1.25GHZ 

      Save / restore  10 kinds of waveform, 10 kinds of settings 

      zoom  DC time, voltage switch 

      XY mode  X-axis channnel input, Y- axis channel input 

    Superb MINIPA MDS 8020 Digital Oscilloscope

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