SOBON Germanium Titanium Magnetic Button Necklace (Black) + Free Shipping

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    • Description:
    • SOBON Germanium Titanium Magnetic Button Necklace (Black) + Free Shipping    
    SOBON Anion Fiber Health Necklace and Bracelet

    The brand has long been working on how the current balance of the body, so as to improve human health issues, the successful use of titanium, germanium their unique electronic properties of metal, combined with famous jewelry like design, multi-family health jewelry introduced to the unique technology to continue to distribute their jewelry anion, promote blood circulation, effectively relieve pain and fatigue. Products certified by several authorities, and enjoy the five patents.

    Body temperature changes before and after wearing the product measurement experiment:Body heat occurs depends on the blood flow through the skin, which increase blood flow through the body temperature will increase, whereas the body temperature decreased opportunity to determine the result, the skin surface temperature increase means better blood circulation.

    Wearing the product, as electronic products and tobacco, alcohol, greasy food to accumulation of red blood cells, blood viscosity is high, but the human body after inhalation of negative ions, scattered red blood cells, blood becomes pure.

    Wearing methods:Figure will buckle brushed aside, while the pendant to wear into the buckle, then buckle plug, the pendant position covered buckleCan be suitable for intense sports or outdoor all-weather use without making the metal clasp fell off and will not be long-term strenuous exercise led to the metal clasp soak in sweat,More to protect human health and the design of the product itself!Note:1) sometimes nausea, dizziness and other phenomena may be due to far infrared, negative ion, magnetic field and other allergy hair should be, please stop using it.2) Different people have different effects to use.3) children into the mouth should be avoided.

    • Specifications:
    • SOBON Germanium Titanium Magnetic Button Necklace (Black) + Free Shipping    
    Material: germanium titanium, negative ions, imported resin
    Size: 48cm (Men and women can wear)
    Used by:
     * Sports enthusiasts
     * People who often sit in front of the computer
     * Cervical pain
     * Frozen Shoulder
     * Frail weak immune
     * Need for increased focus on those
     * Insomnia
     * Students
     * Vulnerable groups
    SOBON Germanium Titanium Magnetic Button Necklace (Black) + Free Shipping
    SOBON Germanium Titanium Magnetic Button Necklace (Black) + Free Shipping
    SOBON Germanium Titanium Magnetic Button Necklace (Black) + Free Shipping
    SOBON Germanium Titanium Magnetic Button Necklace (Black) + Free Shipping

    • Additional Info:
    • SOBON Germanium Titanium Magnetic Button Necklace (Black) + Free Shipping    

    Some Frequently Questions

    Q1: How long effects of products will show up then?
    A1: There will be differences due to personal factors. But in general, if more than 8 hours a day wear, fast, then 2 to 3 days to feel the effects. People with poor blood flow, there will be a warm feeling just wearing it is a result of the evidence.

    Q2: The effect is a permanent product in it?
    A2: permanently.

    Q3: sleep does not matter when you wear?
    A3: does not matter.

    Q4: Pregnant women can also use it?
    A4: pregnant women or women who may be pregnant, can use PEARLione all products. Wear if not timely, please discuss with the physician.

    Q5: can wash it?
    A5: all all products can be washed. Hand wash using neutral detergent, then wring moderately dry in the shade, then the product can be long-term use. Do not use . All Magnetic Titanium series products, all necessary to use neutral lotion gently washing. (If the body sweat to remove things like dirty Come, then products can be used long life.)

    Q6: When typing on a computer you can wear it?
    A6: no problem. Wear when typing on a computer, you can slow down the shoulder stiffness, pain caused by fatigue.

    Q7: treatment of shoulder stiffness, pain is the most effective way to what?
    A7: At the same time using the

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