Pen Type Gas Soldering Iron -BST-100

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    • Description:
    • Pen Type Gas Soldering Iron -BST-100    
    Pen type Gas soldering iron along with welding, hot air and the different needs of the torch easy to use functions.

    1.Fill with gas after confirming the switch has been turned off.
    2.Fill with gas as picture 1.Lead the gas tank to the filling hole and press to fill.
    3.It takes about 10 seconds to complete the filling. Wait several minutes to let the gas be steady before use.
    4.Please press the air intake lightly if there is ZIZI noise after filling.
    5.Turn on the switch until you hear ZIZI noise as picture 2.
    6.Move the flameout ring forward as picture 3.
    7.Fire the tip with lighter as picture 4
    8.The flame become larger when move to '+',smaller when to '- '.
    9.Begin to use when the flame disappears and the tip turns red. The flame should not be too large so as to prolong the service life.
    10.The length of the flame is about 12 mm to 15 mm.
    Important:Please read the instruction before using and follow the operation sequence, so as to avoid the danger for improper operation.

    • Specifications:
    • Pen Type Gas Soldering Iron -BST-100    
    Mode: BST-100
    Capacity: 8ML
    Fuel: Pure butane
    Material: Plastic
    Flame temperature: 1300℃

    Soldering iron temperature:450℃


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    Pen Type Gas Soldering Iron -BST-100
    Pen Type Gas Soldering Iron -BST-100
    Pen Type Gas Soldering Iron -BST-100
    Pen Type Gas Soldering Iron -BST-100
    Pen Type Gas Soldering Iron -BST-100
    Pen Type Gas Soldering Iron -BST-100
    Pen Type Gas Soldering Iron -BST-100
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