Nuclear Radiation Detector - FJ2000

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    • Description:
    • Nuclear Radiation Detector - FJ2000    
    Detector Description:
    FJ2000 is a smart porket-size instrument. It adopts functional new singlechip technology. It is mainly used in detecting X-ray and γ-ray, directly recognizes the personal dose and rate; In the detect range, you can fix or preset alarm threshold, when above the threshhold or blocking, it will give out acousto-optic to alarm, timely reminding the people that they should take care of themselves. It is widely used in industry nondestructive testing, nuclear power station, isotope application and hospital cobalt cure.

    * High sensitivity, also reponse to environmental background.
    * Adopts singlechip technology, small volume.
    * Low consumption: <2mW.
    * Easy operation, convenient to use.
    * Accumulated dose and dose rate switching.
    * High anility in anti-electromagnetic interference.

    • Specifications:
    • Nuclear Radiation Detector - FJ2000    

     GM counter tube
     4-bit LCD
     Detecting range(Two functions)
     Accumulated dose: Hp(10)0.0μSv - 99.99mSv Dose equivalent rate: Hp(10)0.1μSv/h - 99.99mSv/h
     Detecting time
     <6.0μSv/h 36s >6μSv/h ≤3.6s
     Dose equivalent rate response
     Energy response
     ≤±30% 50KeV-1.3MeV
     Relative error
     Alarm function
     * Accumulated dose: increase 0.1μSv,ring once; ≥50μSv, acousto-optic alarm for 5s,"ALARM" display
     * Dose rate: ≥25μSv/h, acousto-optic alarm for 6s,"ALARM" displsy
     * Blocking alarm: when the counter tube is blocking, there will be continuously alarm, "ALARM" display
     * Alarm sound intensity: in the 30cm point, it will be about 80dB
     Undervoltage indication
     Battery voltage<2.7±0.05V, the instrument will display battery undervoltage sign "LOBAT"
     Power consumption
     2 * AAA 1.5V alkaline cell (7), consumption<2mW,the battery can be continuously used for 720 hours
     Temperature character
     ≤±10% -10℃ -- +50℃
     Humidity character
     ≤±10% 95%RH(+35℃)
    Nuclear Radiation Detector - FJ2000

    • Additional Info:
    • Nuclear Radiation Detector - FJ2000    

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