No.059 Riborutekkuyamaguchi Full Metal Panic! ARX-8 Rebatein [New Edition] [Kaiyodo]

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    • Description:
    • No.059 Riborutekkuyamaguchi Full Metal Panic! ARX-8 Rebatein [New Edition] [Kaiyodo]    

     Basic parameters
      No.059 Riborutekkuyamaguchi Full Metal Panic! ARX-8 Rebatein [New Edition] [Kaiyodo]
     Product Code
      ※ Series No.59 product specification itself does not change.
    ※ The image is taken prototypes. Actual product may differ.
     09 years December 15
     Original Name
     Full Metal Panic!
     (C) 1998,2009 East Doji invited two seasons Kaya / Fujimi Shobo
     Fullmetal molding
      Yamaguti Katsuhisa
     Product Specifications
     [Size] Height: 125mm
    [Moving] all 18 places where
      Sculpted by: Yamaguti Katsuhisa
    Sculptor: YAMAGUCHI Katsuhisa

    ● The maximum volume equipped with a series of options "ARX-8 Rebatein" is back as a new edition to change the package.
    ● detail and overwhelming armed myriad parts, see the delicate moving system!
    ● yet powerful Sharp, evoke images of the body bling, you reconcile the movement of Revoltech the silhouette in the play.
    ● to provide a movable body 18 points, you can reproduce the brave war dance. Performance this colorful action, because what Riborutekkuyamaguchi.
    ● With a wide variety of equipment that appeared in the movie, one seed head replacement option, Option 5 by kind hands, can be directed to a variety of poses and actions.
    ● 10 Pointoribochippu Ribokontena accessories included.

    ■ armed option notes

    [Head] head on the set of aggregate personal armed with various sensors.
    Lambda driver to start and to expand the heat from the back of the head rope.
    The figure is replaced by the optional parts, and reproduce at normal development. The head is equipped with 6mm double joints, can also accommodate a variety of poses.

    [Chest] and AI of this unit with a built-in accessibility settings that control the arm, Al can support any deployment. Remove the breasts and parts, things can install the parts on both sides of the auxiliary arm.
    Adopted the arms of 6mm double joints, can be directed at various angles.

    [] The knee of the left leg sticking out of large, single-molecule folding storage with a knife.
    The optional parts replacement, reproduction and storage time during deployment.
    Junction using the joint 6mm, mounting angle can be adjusted.

    [] The shoulder and a large expansion unit attached to the shoulders of optional parts, things that can be full-fledged state.
    This equipment in play 『canceller Lambda Driver, known as fairy wings, causing the Ramuda・Doraiba by setting that can disable any symptoms.

    Gun 『Demolition』 165mmDEMOLITION GUN
    The most distinctive Rebatein armed, 165mm howitzer fragmentation purpose.
    Amusureivu firearms are handled as class size is unprecedented, impossible to operate without the lambda driver. Moreover, precision Ganhauzamodo thing to long-distance range can reach up to 30 km.
    The figure, like the movie, can be detachable to make this gun.
    Parts and private arm, 6mm double joints allows, can be fitted to reproduce the state of his shoulder. Able to hold it firmly in the big gun, a wider range of poses.

    『AS grenade』 M1097AS-GRENADE
    The definitive high-performance, reliable, standard Amusureivu grenade.

    Dagger 『tank』 M1108ANTI-TANK-DAGGER
    Dagger for a standard tank. Covering every available more convenient.

    『Monomolecular cutter』 GRAW-4 MONOMOLECULAR CUTTER
    Was designed for the fighting game, single-molecule folding cutter.
    For the knees when seated, when using two of each book comes with two types.

    ■ joint use of all 16 pieces
    10mm joint × 7
    8mm joint × 2
    6mm double joints × 1
    6mm joint × 6

    ■ Accessories
    Demolition gun × 1
    For Ganhauzamodo gun × 1
    Shotgun × 1
    The shoulder expansion unit × 2
    Monomolecular cutter × 2
    Monomolecular cutter (storage condition) × 2
    Dagger tank × 2
    Grenade × 2
    Connection parts (for shoulder) × 1
    Robotic arm (for shoulder) × 1
    Robotic arm (for chest) × 2
    Optional head × 1
    Options hand × 5
    Display-based × 1

    ※ Series No.59 product specification itself does not change.

    • Additional Info:
    • No.059 Riborutekkuyamaguchi Full Metal Panic! ARX-8 Rebatein [New Edition] [Kaiyodo]    

    Package includes:

    1 X Figures finished Choun Shiryu Ikki [Okiddoshido]

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