Mini electric shock lie detector

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    • Mini electric shock lie detector    
    Mini electric shock lie detector polygraph Truth or Dare game to send men and women friends, party gifts
    Instructions for use:
    1. First of all, your right hand on the "polygraph" finger slot, be sure to direct contact to the above finger sensor, with hands tied by hand.
    2. Press the Reset button, to keep your fingers do not move, press the "Analyser" button, the machine will begin to read some of your data to compare the time to begin testing. Lie detector light will subsequently start, you will hear the machine "data read complete" sound. At this point, your data has been entered lie detector inside, waiting to start on the right questions.
    3. Now people can lie detector test to be those questions, and remember: After each question must click "Analyser" button. Lie detector will measure you have to lie, and lie level. If you lie, you will have LED indicator shows the extent of lying. A total of five levels of light, 3 green, 2 red. They will follow the test carried out in light, light is the more you lie to explain the greater. If you lie or give directly to an unacceptable answer, or distorted the facts, then all the lights are lit, then you will be punished by electric shock.
    In general, people were electrocuted and immediately raised his hand, the reaction is. The lie detector can be mobile, can move together as your hand. This will then allow other people to play. If you need a new beginning or re-test other people, you need to press the Reset button to clear the inside of the data, and then repeat the above instructions in the 1-3 items.
    Note: The lie detector will analyze the data and information after each question will have stored. Raised more problems, the more need to analyze the data. Therefore, when you start because the data less likely to escape punishment, but as the question had more, you are increasingly likely to be detected that lie, and thus be punished with electric shocks.
    The data will be different for each person, therefore, that the polygraph may be a mixed reaction to personal differences.
    This is just a game for fun
    Manufacturers will not take any because of improper use of squabble
    Tip: When testing to maintain the peace of mind, you may beat polygraph Oh.
    Please carefully read the warnings before use language!
    This is a strange game of new models, not in the traditional sense of the toys! Not suitable for children under 14 years of age to play. Chance of the game have certain shock effect, and electronic devices such as pacemakers have certain interference, sudden illness with heart, epilepsy, and the like sudden illness or those who reacted strongly against electric shock do not play.
    Do not immerse in water games
    Please keep this manual for future reference
    Replace the battery:
     Use 3 * AAA batteries
     In the game on the back of the battery box into 3 * AAA batteries, be sure to determine the battery (+) and (-) the right match
     On the rechargeable battery before charging, remove it from the toy's battery box removed
     On rechargeable batteries, the need for accompanying adults
     And other electronic products, please do not close to the waters are dangerous
     Do not recharge non-rechargeable battery
     Do not mix different types of batteries or old and new batteries
     Only use the same type of battery or the same type of battery
     Sure to verify the correct assembly of battery terminals
     Not use used batteries
     Must be convinced that there is no short circuit

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