Magnetic Levitation Globe 4 - inch - Black

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    • Magnetic Levitation Globe 4 - inch - Black    
    Electromagnetic levitation technology (electromagnetic levitation) technology called EML. Its main principle is to use high-frequency electromagnetic fields generated by eddy current in the metal surface to achieve the suspension of the metal balls.
    A metal sample placed in a high-frequency current through the coil, the high-frequency electromagnetic fields in the metal surface to produce a high frequency eddy current, the high-frequency eddy current and magnetic field interactions, the metal samples by a Los occupied by the enemy force is hereby role. Under preparation in the appropriate space, occupied by the enemy can hereby Los direction of the force and gravity in the opposite direction, by changing the frequency source of power to the electromagnetic force and gravity are equal, you can achieve levitation. Generally through the coil to the alternating current frequency is 104-105Hz.
    Meanwhile, the metal on the Joule heat generated by eddy current can make the metal melting, melting metal to achieve the objective of non-container. Currently, the field of space materials, EML technology in micro-gravity, no crystal growth container environment, curing, nucleation, and the problem of undercooling plays an important role.
    The world there are three types of magnetic levitation. One is often represented by Germany, conductive magnetic suspension, or by representatives of Japan's superconducting maglev electric, both need to use magnetic levitation magnetic levitation power to generate power. The third is that China's permanent maglev, which uses a special magnet, without any other power support.
    Size: base diameter-17cm, base high-4.5cm, suspended space of about 1.5cm, 10.6cm 4 inch diameter of the earth;

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    • Magnetic Levitation Globe 4 - inch - Black    

    Package Contents:

    4-inch globe: 1pcs

    System base: 1pcs

    AC adapter: 1pcs

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