Laptop Battery for HP ZV5000

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    • Description:
    • Laptop Battery for HP ZV5000    

    Original battery model:

    346970-001     350836-001     371914-001     378859-001
    383968-001     DP390A         HSTNN-DB02     HSTNN-UB02
    371913-001     371914-001     378858-001     383965-001
    383968-001     346970-001     350836-001     371914-001
    378858-001     378859-001     DP399A         HSTNN-DB02
    HSTNN-DB03     HSTNN-IB04     HSTNN-UB02     HSTNN-YB02

    This model replacement for:

    PP2100 PP2200 PP2210 Presario R3000-DG446AV
    Presario R3000-DG448AV Presario R3000-DG449AV Presario R3000-DT850AV Presario R3000-DU903AV
    Presario R3000-DU904AV Presario R3000-DV272AV Presario R3000AP Series Presario R3000AP(DV799#ABS)
    Presario R3000T-DG447AV Presario R3000T-DL273AV Presario R3000T-DP218AV Presario R3000Z-DP341AV
    Presario R3000Z-DP533AV Presario R3000Z-DP740AV Presario R3000Z-DW370AV Presario R3000Z-PN304AV
    Presario R3000Z-PN305AV Presario R3001-DV191AT Presario R3001AP-DV799P Presario R3001US-DS511U
    Presario R3001US-DS511UR Presario R3002-DV192AT Presario R3002AP-DV800P Presario R3003AP-DV801P
    Presario R3003US-DV561AT Presario R3003US-DZ337U Presario R3003US-DZ337UR Presario R3004AP-DV802P
    Presario R3004US-DV562AT Presario R3004US-DZ358U Presario R3004US-DZ358UR Presario R3005AP-DV803P
    Presario R3005US-DV563AT Presario R3006AP-DV804P Presario R3007AP-DV805P Presario R3008AP-DV806P
    Presario R3009AP-DV807PA Presario R3010AP-DV189A Presario R3010EA-DV190A Presario R3011AP-DV808PA
    Presario R3012AP-DV809P Presario R3013AP-DV810P Presario R3014AP-DV811P Presario R3015AP-DV812PA
    Presario R3016AP-DV813P Presario R3017AP-DV814P Presario R3018AP-DV815P Presario R3019AP-DV816PA
    Presario R3021AP-DV818PA Presario R3022AP-DV819PA Presario R3023AP-DV820PA Presario R3024AP-DV821PA

    • Specifications:
    • Laptop Battery for HP ZV5000    
    Model No:      APK-ZV5000
    Vottage:     14.8V
    Capacity:     4400mAh
    Color:     dark grey
     Laptop Battery for HP ZV5000

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