Laishida Acute-wing Handle PXN-8601 Red / Blue

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    • Description:
    • Laishida Acute-wing Handle PXN-8601 Red / Blue    
    roduct Description:

    Ling Lai Shida wing PXN-8601 appearance of the wizard handles unique, up and down within a spray of metal shell with transparent glaze, both sides of the decorative piece peacock motif, transparent and silver spray outlets within the design; while LED lighting design. Keyboard mapping, mouse, multimedia and many other technology in one, for you to concentrate on building an all-around handles, allowing you to play any game even easier.


    1. Up and down inside the shell with a transparent glaze spray of metal, there are a variety of colors version of the choice; decorative piece peacock motif, transparent, silver spray outlets within the design.

    2. About the first soft-rocker face "concave" shape design, ergonomic;

       Soft rocker about the first face more "convex" shape particles designed to prevent slipping, so that when you play the game even easier.

       Around Ce Jian (7,8 number keys), built-in springs, travel longer and more comfortable use.

    3. Grip, direction keys and action buttons with LED lights.

    4. Handle the basic keys: 4-axis 12 keys + POV hat.

    5. Handle built-in tilt-drive motor reproduction of the real vibration perception.

    6. Digital and analog dual-mode selection.

    7. Handle (Joystick) keyboard mapping (Keyboard to Map), the mouse functions (Mouse), Multimedia (Media) and other functions into one; handle keyboard and mouse mode and between modes, you can handle the use of a key state in any direct switching ( no need to exit the game).

    8. Laishi Da company-specific VID / PID (USB-IF association request), the market is unique, protected by law.

    9. Recognized the driver has passed Microsoft's digital signature, can be assured that installation and use.

    • Specifications:
    • Laishida Acute-wing Handle PXN-8601 Red / Blue    
    Product Specifications:

    Model PXN-8601

    computer configure: CPU 32 bit or more, DirectX7.0 above

    Appropriate operating system: Win2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

    Port USB1.X/2.0

    driver:yes (with digital signature)

    basic function: 4-axis 12 keys + POV

    Core technology:digital signatures, keyboard mapping, mouse, multimedia

    Built-in feature pairs of vibration

    Thread length:2.0m

    Maximum static working current 10mA, a maximum operating current is less than 170mA.
    Laishida Acute-wing Handle PXN-8601 Red / Blue
    Laishida Acute-wing Handle PXN-8601 Red / Blue
    Laishida Acute-wing Handle PXN-8601 Red / Blue
    Laishida Acute-wing Handle PXN-8601 Red / Blue
    Laishida Acute-wing Handle PXN-8601 Red / Blue

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