Hump operations Desert digital camouflage bag Mule 60898

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    • Description:
    • Hump operations Desert digital camouflage bag Mule 60898    

    Product features:

    1.NEW clean drinking water port (Clean Drinking: Big Bite patent covers a type of drinking water mouth water more easily, cleaning easier.

    2. Durable impermeable (Durable & Leakproof): polyester water bag both flexible and can even withstand the weight of trucks run over and pressure, are intact.

    3. Easy to clean and hold water (Easy Clean & Fill): water bag to facilitate loading large opening external water, easy to clean, even put his hand into the bag can be cleaned.

    4. Opening closed firmly (Secure Shut-Off): HydroLock suction bonnet, patent number # 6,497,348.
    5. Quality fresh (Taste Free): PureFlow suction pipe insulation materials used effectively to maintain water quality, even if the saliva is also the last and the first port as cool.

    6. Thermal control (Temperature Control): water bag to maintain the water temperature and effective thermal insulation materials or cold for hours.

    7.NEW rapid detachment (Quick Disconnect): suction head includes a separate activity HydroLink 2.0 and filter for easy removal daily.

    8.NEW storage bags (HydroGuard) --- have a high Anti-microbial bacteria biotechnology: Camelbak's new water mains in the outer bag and has a high resistance micro-bacteria technology can continue to inhibit microbial and the growth of fungi. The technology technology is safe and effective. By the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testing and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration, is the protector of the water!

    • Specifications:
    • Hump operations Desert digital camouflage bag Mule 60898    
    Goods Model 60898
    Brand CAMELBAK

    Hump operations Desert digital camouflage bag Mule 60898

    Capacity: 100 oz (3.0 liters)

    Size: 18.5 inch x 10 inch x 5 inch (470 mm x 254 mm x 127 mm)

    Weight: not filling weight - 1.8 lbs (0.82 kg) / / after injection weight - 8.1 lbs (3.65 kg)

    CamelBak MULE most popular for its durability has to be upgraded

    Its structure can be used to carry standard equipment --- water, first aid kit, MRE and communications equipment

    MULE's petite appearance and versatility, can be placed and other equipment to bring the backpack with the use or safety of the back

    New 1000D Cordura material, all nylon sling, excellent resistance to gravity

    In the main pocket with a fixed object with the new Daisy

    Two zippered pockets to put food, equipment

    Back home with pad, fine mesh design safety strap back up and extra comfort and increased stability

    Fixed 1.5-inch wide waist strap and removable strap

    Hump operations Desert digital camouflage bag Mule 60898
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