Hot-type Footbath Massager - SJ-368

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    • Description:
    • Hot-type Footbath Massager - SJ-368    
    This footbath massager adopts the latest heating element, employ dual-potection heating device, offering high heating speed, safe and reliable. It comes with multi-functions, such as vibration massage, automatic heating, bubbling massage, magnetic therapy, etc. With this footbath massager, you can do footbathing and thenar massage at the same time which can improve blood circulation, plus bubbling massage to improve your immunity, self-healing ability, a good health care device.

    Put your exhausted foot in the footbath after adding water, start up the heating button, it will improve your blood circulation, speed up your blood flow which can help erase your sore, make you feel comfortable. High frequency vibration can continuously stimulate and massage sole acupoint to adjust your internal secretion, strengthen your immunity. The magnetic field will act on the relative foot acupoint to produce magnetic biological effect that can help improve your blood circulation, erase your fatigue, give you excellent health care. .Infrared therapy to improve your blood circulation, adjust blood pressure, decrease arthralgia.

    +  Vibration massage.
    +  Automatic heating.
    +  Bubbling massage.
    +  Magnetic therapy.
    +  Infrared therapy.

    • Specifications:
    • Hot-type Footbath Massager - SJ-368    
    Control Specificatioin
    0 Level: switch off
    1 level: bubbling + Vibration Massage + Infrared Therapy + Heating + Magnetism Therapy
    2 Level: bubbling + Vibration Massage + Magnetism Therapy
    3 Level: Heating + Infrared Therapy + Magnetism Therapy

    Norminal power
    Norminal voltage
    Additive water amount
    39*33*20 cm
    Package dimension
    Hot-type Footbath Massager - SJ-368

    • Additional Info:
    • Hot-type Footbath Massager - SJ-368    

    Please do not use it when no water in
    Please do not stand in this product or put heavy things in this product.
    Please do not drag the power cable to move this product, damaged cable will leakage to cause unexpected accident.
    Please do not pour the water that above 60℃ into this product, in order to avoid foot scald or
    deformation caused by high temperature.
    Please do remember to unplug the plug first after using, then cleaning.
    When cleaning this product, please do not submerge it into water or spray it, you should power out
    the water, then use cloth to clean

    Suitable people
    1: People with leeplessness, panasthenia, mental tension
    2: People with bad blood circulation, weak and lassitude
    3: People with quadriplegia, pain
    4: People with bad intestines and stomach function, stomachache, bad digestion
    5: People with less excises, old and weak
    6: people with bad immunity, often get cold
    7: People with bad renal function
    8: People with high blood pressure, apoplexia, headache, dizziness
    9: People with hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, high cholesterol
    10: People who wants to lose weight, becomes beautiful

    1: Overheating constant temperature protection system
    2: Voltage safty and security control device
    3: High quality plastic, thermostability, aging resistance
    4: The installation components passed QS certification, safe and reliable.

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