High Accuracy Benchtop Digital Multimeter-YH-45

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    • Description:
    • High Accuracy Benchtop Digital Multimeter-YH-45    
    YH-45 24-bit A / D converter can finish dozens of measurements under the control of computer. It's straight-digit 53,000 count display. With DC, AC RMS, mixed-signal DC + AC True RMS voltage up to 1000V, 10A current measurement function. Resolution of 1 micro-volt DC and AC 20KHz frequency band to meet most of the measurements. It is a frequency counter, pulse frequency can be measured to 2MHz or more, linear frequency up to 200KHz, including the current frequency measurement. 50MΩ large resistance, 5000μF capacitors and large maximum, minimum, relative value, average, power decibels, diode, continuity of measurement is useful for technical staff. Instrument has 30 full-screen storage, dual-function display, color fluorescent digital display also bring out the instruments of luxury. YH45 use software control and adjustment, high stability of the non-adjustable components to ensure long term stability of the instrument. Comes with optically isolated RS-232C interface and PC software in the measurement process on a computer display, recording, mapping. Mapping software has a unique dynamic ruler, making small changes in the measured parameters are clearly portrayed record out.

    • Specifications:
    • High Accuracy Benchtop Digital Multimeter-YH-45    
    YH-45 benchtop digital multimeter features:
     53,000 count dual display measurement, manual / automatic range selection
     ACV and DCV measurements up to 1000 volts dc measurement accuracy of 0.03%
     0.1Ω resistance resolution and lμV voltage resolution
     Voltage / current linear frequency measurement, logic frequency / duty ratio measuring the main
     Capacitance measurement from 0.01nF to 5000μF, AC / AC + DC True RMS measurement
     dBm measurement, calculate the resistance 4Ω-1200Ω, total of twenty choices
     Maximum signal / minimum / maximum - minimum / relative value / average measurement
     Data retention, dual color fluorescent display, full-screen storage
     Infrared Interface RS232C / PC machine display, recording, software for the ring
     Automatic calibration software / full overload protection, stall current file error sound alarm
    YH-45 benchtop digital multimeter technical indicators
     AC voltage / DC voltage + AC voltage: 50mV/500mV/5V/50V/500V/IOOOV ± 0.5%
     DC voltage: 50mV/500mV/5V/50V/500V/1000V 0.03%
    AC voltage / DC voltage + AC voltage: 500μA/5000μA/50mA/500mA/5A 0.75%, 10A 1.5%
     DC Current: 500μA/5000μA/50mA/500mA/5A/1OA who 0.l5%
     Resistance: 5000/5KΩ/50KΩ/500KΩ/5MΩ disabilities 0.1%, 50MΩ0.5%
     Capacitance: 50nF/500nF/5μF/50μF soil l%, 500μF/5000μF disabilities 2%
     Diodes: 25Vl%, duty cycle: 5KHz - 500KHz, range: 5% - 95%
     Logic Frequency: 5KHz - 2MHz0.006%, Vpp 2 - 5V square wave
     Linear Frequency: 10Hz - 200KHZ soil 0.006%, the lowest sensitivity: 5mV
     Display color VFD display
    High Accuracy Benchtop Digital Multimeter-YH-45

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