Hasbro iDog - Rock Music Dog + Free Shipping

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    • Description:
    • Hasbro iDog - Rock Music Dog + Free Shipping    
    Hasbro iDog - Rock Music Dog
    i-Dog AMPD (iDog-M) with the use of white as the main color of the body before the dot pattern into patterns, to make iDog-M looks more atmospheric. Pets are used throughout the body Guanghua treatment, head covered with plexiglass, making the new iDog-M looks very beautiful, and the style is very similar to the iPod.

    * face sensors
    * microphone receivers
    * cable connection
    * stereo speakers
    * color LED display lights
    * movable ears , tail and feet

    • Specifications:
    • Hasbro iDog - Rock Music Dog + Free Shipping    
    Use :
    Demo mode:
    * IDOG-M can play to , tapping its face, the LED will light up the face to respond .
    * by its nose , he will place the sound and light LED light , fast double- nose , IDOG-M 's exclusive music will be played .
    Pet mode:
    * to take care of IDOG-M, to give it more attention , if it whine (LED glitter red light ), expressed its wish to listen to music .
    * If it was more bark (LED flash blue light ), that it need your care and interaction.
    * If it 's a serious lack of care and feeding , it " sick " place to moan and green LED lights flash yellow .
    * Do not touch its tail , you will thus provoke it .
    Interaction :
    * connect the data cable to the music device (CD WALKMAN, MP3, computers, game consoles , etc.) to feed IDOG-M Music .
    * button control the volume through the tail , when playing music, pushing up the tail to increase volume. Push down the tail to reduce the volume . Adjust the volume at the same time , can be seen IDOGM face displays " on "or" down " arrow sign .
    * Using built-in microphone to listen to music, will IDOG-M placed near the speaker , it will flash from the LED animation with music beat , listening to music while shaking off / ear / tail / stepping .
    Emotional expression :
    * IDOG-M will be its relationship with the change in your emotional character . When not broadcasting music nose twice quickly , it will play music , and flashed a different animation patterns to express joy , amazed, wonderstruck excited , happy , normal , depressed , lonely , sad , sick eight mood .
    * IDOG-M more that happy to play music by the more long, the length of music from the 1-12 seconds different .
    Hasbro iDog - Rock Music Dog + Free Shipping
    Hasbro iDog - Rock Music Dog + Free Shipping
    Hasbro iDog - Rock Music Dog + Free Shipping
    Hasbro iDog - Rock Music Dog + Free Shipping
    Hasbro iDog - Rock Music Dog + Free Shipping

    • Additional Info:
    • Hasbro iDog - Rock Music Dog + Free Shipping    

    Upgrade features:
    * stereo output, quality , volume upgrade .
    * likeability upgrade , right foot beat time with the music , at the lower tail swing .
    * interaction improved LED lamp has a touch sensitive face , with the touch of bark .
    * personalized enhanced tail button can be used to adjust the volume .
    * Play music through the tail and nose control swinging of the moratorium and resume .
    * Play music through the nose and tail motor control the sound of the moratorium and resume .

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