Game King 4.3-inch round Venus JXD 2000 (8G) -blue

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    • Description:
    • Game King 4.3-inch round Venus JXD 2000 (8G) -blue    
    Game King 4.3-inch round Venus JXD 2000 (8G) -blue
     Current high-definition MP4 market, in addition to HD video with popular support, unique innovative ideas are endless. HDGame MP4 series surely we are not unfamiliar, two products are described as Venus JXD300 and JXD1000 the classic game. Recently, Venus Digital has introduced a "hedonic" Game MP4 - JXD2000, once again the classic upgrade continue. Before the function of maintaining the same time, to upgrade the FM radio putting and long play, and added six practical accessories, all imbued with the idea of new life and pleasure, the product has already arrived throughout the country.
    According to reports, the traditional market of MP4 with different Venus JXD2000 poured the product in a more "human" thinking, that in addition to audio and video entertainment to meet the growing needs of consumers, will also feel the user experience as a starting point, give each players more attentive human care and more comfortable design of human nature.
    First of all, Venus JXD2000 built a large-capacity lithiumbattery, play video or games Chang reach 8 hours battery life, ease to play, More; Secondly, putting the host using the FM radio, with special radio antenna, the flexibility to achieve people listening to the radio, opening up new world of FM radio; third, with a special silicone case, preventing the machine wear, cover scratches, etc.; the fourth, with a dedicated film frame, so that high-definition entertainment more convenient manipulation; fifth, Special drop resistance wristband distribution, details reflect the humanity to let you all the time about high-definition phase; sixth, with a special liquid crystal film, the effective protection of the machine screen, more intimate details of the improvement; seventh, a specially bundled Photo CD-ROM contains thousands of games, the game is quite a rich resource.
    Venus JXD2000 using a 4.3-inch 16 million color screen, rich colors, clear and full. Functions, JXD2000 supports BIN, GBA, NES game simulator with SMD, etc., have a good control feel, the game responsive. Other features, support RM, RMVB, FLV, MPG, DAT, AVI, MP4, WMV, 3GP video playback, without conversion, the drag-to-play; supports APE, FLAC lossless music formats; the machine is also built with 500 million pixelscamera, the other such as MIC recording, FM radio, calendar, stopwatch utility is also random self.
    Venus JXD2000 to consumers, a new personalization options, games, superb handling and screen, audio and video features powerful performance, more importantly, practical accessories with a six, a sense of fun friends can not miss it!

    • Specifications:
    • Game King 4.3-inch round Venus JXD 2000 (8G) -blue    
    The current portable audio market, continue to attack high-definition wave of fierce competition, the established vendors Venus Digital is another way to type in the game has accumulated deep MP4 accomplishments, its latest masterpiece JXD2000 is such a master of the make. The biggest difference with other MP4 game in its powerful features. It is compatible with and supports BIN, GBA, NES emulator with the SMD and other games, have a good control feel, the game responsive. In order to facilitate customers, purchase over the whole game discs have a gift can also be downloaded on to a network of thousands of machines in the demo into the game, nothing less abundant resources.
    Venus JXD2000 is an excellent high-definition MP4, HD playback from the 720P HD decoding on it, super video resolving power, making video playback smooth. Supported video file formats RM, RMVB, FLV, AVI, ASF, 3GP, WMV, etc., in addition to direct play without conversion JXD2000 DVD, VCD files, easy access to video resources. And JXD2000 also has TV-OUT video output function, easily share videos with friends and family.
    Audio player, support MP3, WMA, WAV and APE, FLAC lossless music format, sound clean, pure, together with the built-in speaker, which may make you enjoy the stunning sound effects; game apart from any life you enjoy smooth video. Can be set to background music: music file information according to album name, edit, and "album name" the same JPG image file name, stored in the MUSIC / ALBUM, the player can see album art.
    Photo browser, you can move the image up and down the whole screen images, support for small-screen preview, 3D stereo switc
    Now the popular market, the large screen high-definition MP4, clear practical effect, convenient and practical operation and the rich network of e-book resources, so more and more users prefer to watch on the use of MP3/MP4 handheld e-books. Venus JXD2000 really into the "paperless learning" er
    Venus JXD2000 equipped with a 500 megapixel digital camera functionality, completely replace the ordinary card camera, ready to record the happy times together with each other, whether taking pictures or video, can be hand-held JXD2000 freeze the moment forever. This is adapted to travel, and digital cameras, portable players need to realize the need of a machine, the traditional PSP and other MP4 is difficult to possess.
    High-quality recording, a true record of each sound, a maximum of 200 hours (4GB). Recorded audio file will automatically create a fol
    Interface in the system, press the arrow keys to select "calendar" to enter the calendar display page.
    Now we live in a busy, overslept this morning is common. If they go all carry a small alarm clock, can you believe that a lot of busy, and other portable electronic products, Venus JXD2000 also have regular features, and can be one of the music as alarm sound.
    Enter the system setup mode, language selection can be (support for multiple languages), date / time (set the current date and time), television, memory, speaker and other functions set.
    "Management Office", I believe the people living in cities is quite a familiar name. And the same area of your home, content-rich electronic products also need to have a "Management Office" to manage one of the various documents which you have any files in the folder at a glance.
     Venus JXD2000 radio function gives the greatest feeling is to design user-friendly, very convenient to use. It is installed on the host radio antenna above the particular, can effectively enhance the FM reception, while a removable antenna design ensures not affect the overall aesthetic, but also adds a dash of color to the body. Large body size with dual speakers on the back of the design, JXD2000 so many people listening to the radio a reality, not as traditional as the need to plug headphones MP4 can use the radio function, listen to FM MP4 FM opened up a new world.

    Game King 4.3-inch round Venus JXD 2000 (8G) -blue
    Game King 4.3-inch round Venus JXD 2000 (8G) -blue

    • Additional Info:
    • Game King 4.3-inch round Venus JXD 2000 (8G) -blue    

    Function parametersDescription
        Body Features 360 rocker design
        Dimensions 172 * 73.5 * 15.5mm
        Product weight 203g
        Screen size 4.3-inch high-definition screen
        Screen Resolution 480 * 272
        Screen Color 16 million colors, colorful, clear and full
        Video Features
        Video Format Support for high-resolution RMVB, RM, AVI, VOB, DAT, MPG, FLV, etc. video files in multiple formats, without conversion, can play DVD, VCD files
        Video playback AVI: supports up to 1280 * 720 resolution, Blu-ray quality; RM: the maximum support 1280 * 720.30 / s, clear and smooth
        Video Recording (TV-IN) From TV, DVD, handheld cameras, pinhole cameras, tape recorders taking high-quality images. (TV-IN is an optional feature)
        Video output (TV-OUT) Can be connected to the network television watch movies, photos, pictures, play games
        Camera 500 million pixels (interpolated) camera DC, video DV, memory of happy moments
        Photo browser JPG format picture browsing, support small picture preview, 3D stereo switch, slide shows, screen zoom
        Flash Animation Not supported
        Mobile TV Not supported
        Audio Features
        Audio format MP3, WMA, WAV, AMR, AAC and other audio formats, and FLAC, APE lossless audio formats
        Sound Mode Normal, rock, pop, heavy bass, warm, lyrics synchronization
        Recording High-quality recording, a true record of each sound, a maximum of 200 hours (4GB)
        FM function Frequency Range 87.5MHZ-108MHZ, support for manual / automatic admission units can store up to 20 radio stations, radio loud speaker
        Additional features
        E Listen and watch (pictures, e-books), support bookmarks, automatic browsing and other functions
        Game features Support the GBA, NES games and many other formats
        Other features Clock, calendar display, alarm clock function
        Other parameters
        Language Simplified / Traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, French, Korean, Italian and other languages
        Download store USB2.0 high-speed transmission
        Battery Built-in lithium battery

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    Posted by abhijit halkarni on 11/11/2010

    i want this Game King 4.3-inch round Venus JXD 2000 (8G) so how to i purch. this

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      Reply by Nov 12, 2010
      Dear friend
      Have a nice day for you, thx for ur support on i am glad to hear from you. pls have a look on our website about how to order:

      Look forward to your prompt reply. Any other question, please give us the chance to offer our best service to you.
      Best regards support team
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