Full Metal HD Digital TV USB Receiver GDC-01 - ISDB-T (black)+Free Shipping

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    • Description:
    • Full Metal HD Digital TV USB Receiver GDC-01 - ISDB-T (black)+Free Shipping    
    Full Metal HD Digital TV USB Receiver GDC-01 - ISDB-T

    Watch ISDB-T on your computer! This amazing USB Dongle contains a digital TV receiver that lets you watch ISDB-T digital TV on your desktop PC, laptop, notebook, or netbook. Included is bundled evaluation software that even lets you record the programs you want watch again later. So for roughly the price of a movie and popcorn you can transform your computer into a digital TV set and DVR. The future is indeed here and it's the GDC-01!

    For months you've asked for it, finally here it is. This incredible USB accessory is definitely the world's most amazing computer upgrade. Simply insert this ISDB-T dongle into an available USB port and then install the DVR software (it comes with an evaluation copy of Blaze, but there are even better open-source software solutions on the web). The software auto detects your ISDB-T region and automatically scans all available digital TV channels and adds them to your channel list. Then you can channel surf just like you do with traditional TV. See something you want to save? Record the program immediately or schedule a future recording. It's like TiVo but it's much less expensive and there are no monthly fees!

    Sit back and relax. Watch your favorite programs right on your desktop, laptop, notebook or netbook computer. Watch movies, shows, documentaries, news, sports - it's all yours! This ISDB-T dongle is an especially great toy for those who like to multitask. You can now watch TV while you work. All on the same screen!

    The GDC-01 contains a digital TV receiver for processing ISDB-T MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encoded signals found in the following regions: Japan, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, and Ecuador. What's more, since you'll be using the dongle style receiver for your desktop PC, laptop, notebook or netbook, all your favorite programs are saved directly to your hard drive for easy access anytime. How much programming you can save is limited only by the size of your hard drive!

    Digital TV USB Receiver is a strong function of the mobile digital TV receiver box can be used for desktop and notebook computers. It is small, fast scan station, on the system requirements low, easy to install, simple to use set plays, grasping TS stream, recording mpeg2 / 4 and so on-in-one, with USB2.0 interface, so to receive fast, play more fluid.

    • Specifications:
    • Full Metal HD Digital TV USB Receiver GDC-01 - ISDB-T (black)+Free Shipping    
    Software features:
    1. ISDB-T digital TV receiver
    2. Recording and pre-recorded
    3. Recording file playback
    4. Time-shift (time shift)
    5. Static image capture
    6. Preview
    7. Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
    8. Electronic Photo
    9. Playback, drag, fast forward and rewind
    10. Multi language switch
    11. Brightness, color, contrast adjustment (software versions may differ)
    12. Channel Callback
    13. Favorite list of support programs
    14. TV mode and full-screen playback
    15. Infrared remote control support

    System configuration requirements:
    1, the operating system requirements: support for Windows2000 SP4 / windows XP SP2, install directX 8.1 or higher;
    2, the computer configuration requirements: 500MHZ GHz CPU, 8M or more video memory, 128M or more cache, 300M free hard disk space, USB2.0 interface;
    3, other necessary configuration: no need for good quality signal reception antenna; if not good you need a simple antenna.

    Package Contents:
    1, USB2.0 ISDB-T Receiver
    2, a wireless digital TV receiver antenna
    3, the installation CD (genuine with serial number to install)
    4, infrared remote control
    Full Metal HD Digital TV USB Receiver GDC-01 - ISDB-T (black)+Free Shipping
    Full Metal HD Digital TV USB Receiver GDC-01 - ISDB-T (black)+Free Shipping
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    Posted by Steve on 06/12/2010


    Is this a free service the receiver supply or has the user sign
    up for it or contact a provider or something?

    Sorry for asking but i want to be sure.

    Thank u

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      Reply by totobay.com Jun 17, 2010
      Dear Steve

      Thank you for support on totobay.com. there will be in general, but this is open free of charge according to the local channels,for instant the public channels.
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