EZ Share 8GB Wi-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card Wifi Memory Card for Camera

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    • Description:
    • EZ Share 8GB Wi-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card Wifi Memory Card for Camera    

    ez Share is a photo share card, containing the innovative design ideas in the standard SD card package. Despite of having the willing of Show or Sharing to friends instantly, you must have the following experience, trying to send out photos or video in the camera immediately, and usually you only find a computer and internet to transfer, and always be delay or forgot. Now with ez Share everything is solved, as long as there is Wi-Fi enabled devices (Smart phones, iPhone, iPad, tablet PCs, etc.), you can immediately send photos in the camera, share the life anytime, anywhere! It is very helpful for Photographers and Showers.

    Easy to Start
    Plug and Play
    Standard SD Card Package, available for DCs/DVs/DSLRs/DPF, etc.
    No Client Software Required
    Users can view/download/share photos without installing any client software in devices.
    Easy to Operate
    Users turn on Share switch, Wi-Fi devices will automatically display the access interface after connecting ez Share.

    Friendly Experience:

    Abundant Functions
    Batch download, resume broken transfer, the 3rd party download tools, online preview and selective download are supported.
    Support multi-format Files
    Support multi-format files such as JPG, RAW, AVI, MP4, MOV, etc.
    Multi-user to Access, Multi-channel Download
    ez Share supports up to 5 users to access, or up to 3 users to download at the same time.

    State-of-the-art Technologies
    Built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot
    Support Wi-Fi device to access ez Share wirelessly.
    Web Sever Access
    Wi-Fi Smart device visits ez Share by web browser.
    Massive Storage
    High capacity ranging from 4GB up to 32GB is optional.

    • Specifications:
    • EZ Share 8GB Wi-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card Wifi Memory Card for Camera    
    Capacity: 8GB
    Interface Type: SD2.0,Class 6 
    Wireless Standards:  IEEE802.11b/g/n 
    Dimension/Weight:  32mm*24mm*2.1mm / 4g 
    Applications : Digital Camera, Digital Video, DSLR or other devices with SDHC slot
    Access Terminals Wi-Fi device(iPhone, iPad, Smart Phones, Tablets, Pad, Laptops) 
    Browsers Support : Safari /IE/OPERA/Chrome/UC 
    Operating Range:  Indoor:5-10m;Outdoor:25-50m 
    Max. Access Users:  5 

    ez Share has been inserted into the digital camera,but no Beep to remind that the Share mode is on?
    Please confirm the Share Switch at the bottom of ez Share is on. Power on the Digital Camera, you can hear 3 short beeps which indicates Share mode is ready. During share process, there is intermittent beep(every 30s) reminding Share Mode is on, and camera can capture photos &videos at the same time.
    ez Share is on Share Mode, but Wi-Fi device can’t access ez Share successfully?
    1)Make sure device’s Wi-Fi has been turned on.
    2)Confirm it is close enough between Wi-Fi device and digital camera.
    3)Make sure that the IP setting of Wi-Fi device is “Enable DHCP” or disables “Static IP Address”.
    How to view photos in camera by Wi-Fi device when Wi-Fi device successfully access ez Share?
    1)Confirm web explorer is one of the followings: Safari\ IE\Opera\Chrome\UC.
    2)Input the complete website “ez.com“ on the browser address bar.
    3)Key in correct password to login.
    How to keep ez Share running for a long time?
    Please avoid camera to enter power-saving mode. It will shut down ez Share’s power; It is highly recommended setting camera as non-power-saving mode when you perform “Share” function (See camera’s user manual).
    Can ez Share be used as a normal SD card when “Share” mode is turned off?
    Yes, it can be used as a normal SD card when you turn off the Share mode at the bottom of ez Share, which is beneficial to power-saving for a digital camera.
    How many users can ez Share support to be accessed?
    ez Share, simultaneously, supports multi-user access. Exceeding maximum of user might result in network jam or abnormal display.
    How to reset password?
    The default nickname(SSID) is “ez Share”, and the password is “0000”,you can change the nickname and password by yourself or reset them as following: 1. Insert the ez Share into SD slot of the computer (By USB to SD converter if no slot in the computer). 2. Delete the file named “ezshare.cfg” in the root directory. 3. Pull out the ez Share by safe mode.
    Digital cameras plugged in ez Share display "Cannot create a folder", "The card is not formatted", "Cannot recognize the memory card", "Memory card full" or other information, why?
    For security, some models of digital cameras (such as Fuji) cannot properly recognize the storage card which has been used in other digital cameras. You can format the memory card by digital camera or computer for use.
    How to avoid slow speed caused by multi-channel conflict in too many Wi-Fi hot spots environment?
    ez Share allows user to configure the Wi-Fi Channel manually, you can enter "Nickname&Password" interface to change the "Wi-Fi Channel" (can be set to Channel 1 to 13, the default is Channel 7).

    EZ Share 8GB Wi-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card Wifi Memory Card for Camera
    EZ Share 8GB Wi-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card Wifi Memory Card for Camera
    EZ Share 8GB Wi-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card Wifi Memory Card for Camera

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