Dopie Naked Sandals with Fashion & comfort - Coffee & Yellow + Free Shipping

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    • Description:
    • Dopie Naked Sandals with Fashion & comfort - Coffee & Yellow + Free Shipping    
    Dopie Naked Sandals

    *Dopie designers design took two years full time, using a British fashion design style, with the most concise expression of the maximum space for design fashion. You have no life and wearing shackles. Just when the market is Europe, America, Japan and South Korea strongly sought after star, swept the fashion world. Subvert the design and wear slippers concept.

    *The use of EVA slippers, new materials, very light, which greatly reduce the burden on the feet. This shoe designers from the beginning to the end are based on humanity and the concept of ergonomics, each part made him need to play the role of the limit.

    *This section bring great shoe to the wearer so that you'll Fun own ideas. A two-shoes to wear, either through law, you are the focus of the eye blew the audience.

    1.Excellent quality & competitive price
    2.Full sizes and colors
    3.Wearable and comfortable
    4.Fashion style...beach slipper

    • Specifications:
    • Dopie Naked Sandals with Fashion & comfort - Coffee & Yellow + Free Shipping    
    Please note that Dopie sizes are quite generous, we suggest you select at least a half size smaller than your usual fitting.


    S: EUR 35-36
    M: EUR 37-38
    L: EUR 39-40
    XL: EUR 41-42
    Dopie Naked Sandals with Fashion & comfort - Coffee & Yellow + Free Shipping

    • Additional Info:
    • Dopie Naked Sandals with Fashion & comfort - Coffee & Yellow + Free Shipping    

    dopie Introduction

    *Matthew Harrison at the Royal College of Art majoring in industrial design, after graduation, set up a design studio Studiohead, and a number of companies involved in product design, for example with the designer of RIM BlackBerry and the British telecommunications company to design mobile phones appearance. The dopie Matthew in school is one of design courses which work, which was subsequently Galahad Clarks fancy their design ideas, start working together to modify the design, and ultimately into production.

    *Dopie is the first shoe designed Matthew. At that time schools require students to freely within a limited time to design a product out, because time is short, so the design must be simple things, and easy to produce molding. Design some beautiful, simple still life components for Matthew is really too simple, but people can wear products designed to require more thought: how to get closer to the principle of human learning, how to be fashion design, how to finance as much as possible get into a variety of cultures, suitable for multi-level people, but also to make people comfortable. Matthew decided to challenge yourself, get the most simple design of a shoe, but can meet the above requirements. This is the beginning of Dopie

    *Dopie two years of continuous improvement, and finally in 2007 the market. Two years for the development of a pair of shoes, it was a little too long. Currently dominate the shoe design philosophy is to look good, unique, and stylish, but it ignores the development of functional shoes. Produced good-looking shoes are often uncomfortable to wear. Dopie design and traditional sandals not the same, also with the toes and feet by the pressure of the past, not the same as that in the choice of materials and shape aspects of the continuous improvement in order to achieve a comfortable effect.

    *Dopie worn in two: one is used in conjunction with a buckle to help you make the pre-adaptation. While the second is truncated cingulate, which requires a certain time on the adaptation, are dopie the "Advanced" worn. If you adapt to the dopie, you can even wear it skateboarding! Put dopie, will bring you a new feeling! Its unique shape will you pocketed the eye, unfettered design did not even make you feel like the same shoes. The same as dopie the advertisement: "Naked shoes for naked people!"

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