DMV116- 16 Channel Rack-Mounted Pattern Passive Video Balun

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    • Description:
    • DMV116- 16 Channel Rack-Mounted Pattern Passive Video Balun    
    16 Channel Rack Pattern DMV116 Video Balun Description:
    This DMV116 video balun is an HD AV signal passive twisted-pair video transmission device that is mainly used in the fields of security, teaching, etc. As a video balun, it adopts five or more than five kinds of UTP as transmitting media, so it is able to do real-time transmission of 300 meters' color base band video signal or 600 meters' black and white video signal including PAL, NTSC, SECAM, etc. Once cooperated with active receiver like DMV120R, DMV128R, DMV140R, DMV160R, DMV240R, its transmission distance can be up to as long as 1200 meters of color video signal or 1800 meters of black and white video signal, thus reducing the wire rod cost and simplifying the project wiring.

    1. Good transmission effect:
    Real-time transmission of clear video signal, with a high quality video effect
    2. Long transmission distance:
    Passive transmission: 300 meters
    Cooperated with active receiver (DMV 120R): 1200 meters
    3. AC/DC Power:
    No power needed
    4. High security performance:
    Made of imported core material, the magnet ring inductance reaches up to above 150Mh; standard 19'' 1U shell, pure copper-core BNC joint, Shield RJ45 socket, environmental binding post.

    • Specifications:
    • DMV116- 16 Channel Rack-Mounted Pattern Passive Video Balun    
     Performance Parameters
     DMV 116, rack pattern
     Transmission distance
     0- 300 meters
     Signal type
     Base band video signal like PAL, NTSC, SECAM, etc
     16* video coaxial BNC (Female) port
     4* RJ45 port
     4* Binding post (8 pin)
     432*97*44 mm
     Frequency response
     DC to 6MHz
     0 to 6MHz 60dB (typical)

     Coaxial-cable (BNC female head): 75 ohms
     UTP (Unshielded Twisted-pair): 100 ohms

     Cable Type

     5 or more than 5 kinds of UTP, 24- 16AWG (wire core diameter: 0.51- 1.31mm)

     Cable resistance
     100±20 ohms
     Distributed capacity
     < 62F/m
     DC loop resistance
     18 ohms/100m
     Environment requirements
     Working temperature: -20℃~70℃
     Relative humidity: 0~95% (non condensation)
      Storage temperature: -40℃~150℃
     After-sale service
     3-year warranty
    DMV116- 16 Channel Rack-Mounted Pattern Passive Video Balun

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