Custom Car DVD Player GPS Radio System with 6.95'HD Touch Screen For Toyota Prado - E7281

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    • Description:
    • Custom Car DVD Player GPS Radio System with 6.95'HD Touch Screen For Toyota Prado -...    


    1.Comes with 4GB SD card.
    2.Built in SD Card and USB slots, support Max 8GB.
    3.6.95 inch digital LCD (16:9) with touch screen function.
    4.With Can-Bus Steering wheel control, more convenient.
    5.Auto rear viewing function, making your driving safer
    6.An input (1 video, 2 audio), An output (1 video, 4 audio)
    7.3D Flash Graphical User Interface, with better overview
    8.GPS and Dual zone, bringing you both the fun and safety
    9.Built in Bluetooth Function for hands-free call, history log etc
    10.CD DVD/MP3/MPEG4/DIVX-RW/MA/JPEG format playback
    11.High-resolution digital TFT LCD monitor panel (800x 480 pixels)
    12.Can support English, Turkish, Spanish, Deutsch, Francais, Italian.
    13.Built in TV tuner, PAL/NTSC or SECAM compatible, FM/AM tuner/RDS supported, 4x45w amplifier

    FM/AM Radio Function
    High sensitive digital Tuner with stronger signal supports FM/AM. With this function, you can search your favorite radio channel and enjoy the music during your driving. There are 32 stations in store for you to select.

    Bluetooth Function
    Bluetooth is an open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short length radio waves) from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area networks with high levels of security. Today Bluetooth is managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Using Bluetooth to contact and transfer information is the main phenomenon as seen in car driving and mobile phone. Without any wire or phone bracket, the driver can also control the phone nearby while driving. To use this function, you need to match the mobile phone with the car audio first. Once there is a calling, you can answer only by pressing one key. Use the dial keyboard while you need to give a call. It is safe and convenient especially when you drive on the road.

    USB/SD Function
    Automotive Audio/Video Navigation system supports USB and SD Card. Each DVD product comes with a unique USB port and SD Card for connecting. While using, you can touch the USB/SD icon on the main menu and then enter the playback menu to browse pictures or enjoy music.

    Auto rear viewing Function
    This is designed for automobiles and other vehicles, allowing the driver to see rearward. It is believed that safety is the most important. With this auto rear viewing system, you can easily get to know the situation around your car. While parking, the car can be placed in safety.

    4X45W amplifier
    Generally,an amplifier or simply amp is any device that changes, usually increases, the amplitude of a signal. With it, it is convenient for you to control the DVD.

    GPS and Dual zone
    The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based global navigation satellite system that provides reliable location and time information in all weather and at all times and anywhere on or near the Earth when and where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites. Dual zone means you can enjoy music or listening to the radio while using GPS. This offers safer and happier driving for you.

    Steering wheel control
    Drivers can directly control DVD player while driving on the road via the Steering Wheel Control Function. With this function, drivers can intently focus straight ahead, which will make the driving safer.

    Compatible For infront iPod/iPhone/iPhone3/iPhone4 function
    You can directly control the infront iPod/iPhone/iPhone3/iPhone4 by touching screen. The track name, playback and other status are the same as you use the single iPod/iPhone/iPhone3/iPhone4.

    • Specifications:
    • Custom Car DVD Player GPS Radio System with 6.95'HD Touch Screen For Toyota Prado -...    

     GPS Information
     Operation system
     Windows CE 5.0
     Map Support
     Intel PXA255 Processor Max.main frequency 400MHZ
     1GB/64 MB
     GPS receive speed
     8 channel ,Orientation time of cold boot is 92S,Orientation time of warm boot is 37S,Orientation time of hot boot is 19S
     Orientation precision
     < 15m
     Refurbish frequency
     GPS antenna frequency
     Length of antenna
     Voice indication
     Intellectualized voice indication function
     Display output
     CVBS S-VIDEO output(Resolution:480*240) or simulation RGB output
     Audio output
     Stereo output of CD tone
     OSD Language
     Remote Control
     Operation Temperature
     - 20 degrees Celsius ~ 70 degrees Celsius
     A/V Input
     1 Channel
     A/V Output
     1 Channel
     Amplifier max output power
     45 Watts x 4
     USB Port, SD Port
     USB Port, SD Port
     Audio Section
     Rated Output
     4ch x 23W (1KHz, 1%, 4 Ω)
     Maximum Power Output
     4ch x 50W
     Rated Speaker Impedance
     4 Ω
     Pre-AMP Output Voltage
     Pre-AMP Output Impedance
     <220 Ω
     AV Input/Output Section
     Video: 1 Vp-p(75 Ω )
     Audio: 500mVrms
     Monitor Section
     6.95 inch digital screen(16:9)
     Displat system
     TFT LCD Panel
     Back lighting
     TV system
     DVD Player section
     D/A conversion
     24 bits
     Frequency response
     24 bits
     Frequency response
     20Hz-20KHz -3dB
     Total harmonic distortion
     Signal to noise ratio
     > 75dB
     VD disc content format
     DVD disc audio format
     (AG-3 5.1/WMA/MP3/ADPCM/MPEG1/2 Audio)
     Sampling frequency
     Input way
     AV Inputs/Outputs
     1Vp-p(75 Ω)
     USV/SD card
     support memory card with content format
     JPG/MP4/MPEC/DIVX/MP3 USB1.1/USB2.0 port,do not support movable hard disk
     When the unit is built in navigation,the SD card is navigation map card
     Bluetooth specs
     wireless menu
     Bluetooth 1.2 version is original version
     support Bluetooth Mode
     open 2.4G,1SM Frequency
     Effective range(open environment)
     at least 10 meter away(30ft)
     Sensitivity of Receiver
     <-84 dBm at le -3 BER
     Fitting Name
     Frequency Range
     Usable sensitivity
     Stereo separation
     S/N ratio(S/N)
     AM Section
     Frequency Range
     Outside U.S.:531-1629kHz
     Usable Sensitivity
     Image rejection ratio
    Custom Car DVD Player GPS Radio System with 6.95'HD Touch Screen For Toyota Prado - E7281
    Custom Car DVD Player GPS Radio System with 6.95'HD Touch Screen For Toyota Prado - E7281
    Custom Car DVD Player GPS Radio System with 6.95'HD Touch Screen For Toyota Prado - E7281
    Custom Car DVD Player GPS Radio System with 6.95'HD Touch Screen For Toyota Prado - E7281
    Custom Car DVD Player GPS Radio System with 6.95'HD Touch Screen For Toyota Prado - E7281
    Custom Car DVD Player GPS Radio System with 6.95'HD Touch Screen For Toyota Prado - E7281
    Custom Car DVD Player GPS Radio System with 6.95'HD Touch Screen For Toyota Prado - E7281
    Custom Car DVD Player GPS Radio System with 6.95'HD Touch Screen For Toyota Prado - E7281

    • Additional Info:
    • Custom Car DVD Player GPS Radio System with 6.95'HD Touch Screen For Toyota Prado -...    

    •  FAQ
    1. Q: Is this DVD fits for my car?
    A: This is Custom car DVD player which only suitable for certain car model and car year; please kindly provide us the information below first before making any purchase with us. This is because your car player slot may differ due to different region model and year of make.
    I) Car dashboard picture
    II) Car Manufacturer Year
    III) Car CD player Size
    IV) Factory player power interface / socket cable picture
    V) Factory player power amplifier, CD changer etc.

    2. Q: Can this player support RDS?
    A: Yes, it supports RDS radio function.

    3. Q: Can this player support Bluetooth function?
    A: Yes, it comes with built in Bluetooth. Bluetooth features include hand-free call, caller ID display function and playing Music. Support A2DP.

    4. Q: Does the Bluetooth have phonebook function?
    A: No, it does not support phonebook function.

    5. Q: Can this player support outlay power amplifier control?
    A: Yes, it can support outlay power amplifier connection, with four ways RCA output to connect power amplifier.

    6. Q: Can this player support AUX function? Can it support AUX video?
    A: Yes, it comes with both AUX video input and output. You can connect outlay display device or play device, such as connecting satellite radio, outlay LCD display screen or digital TV box etc.

    7. Q: Can this player support satellite radio?
    A: This player does not come with satellite radio function, but you can connect satellite radio device via AUX.

    8. Q: Can this player support Subwoofer?
    A: Yes, it comes with subwoofer output, so you can connect outlay subwoofer.

    9. Q: Can you provide installation instruction?
    A: Please download installation instruction here.Download

    10. Q: Can I use my car steering wheel?
    A: Yes, our DVD support factory steering wheels control function.

    11. Q: Is there any alarm tone in my car after installation?
    A: No, the player is with onboard computer, compatible with your car, so there will not be any alarm tone. And the engine light will not light either.

    12. Q: Can the player connect with rear view camera?
    A: Yes, you can connect with outlay rear view camera. For backing-up, it will auto switch to backing-up video picture.

    13. Q: What is the OS; Can I update or install new Operation System (OS)?
    A: It is operate by WinCE, and we will not bear any responsible if customer update or reinstall the OS

    14. Q: Can the player support car CD changer?
    A: No, it cannot support factory CD changer.

    15. Q: Can the player support factory Boss Power Amplifier?
    A: No, the player cannot support factory Boss Power Amplifier

    16. Q: Can the player support factory JBL Power Amplifier?
    A: No, the player cannot support JBL Power Amplifier

    17. Q: Can the TV normally play in my country?
    A: The DVD system supports multi-system analog television, such as PAL/NTSC and SECAM,

    18. Q: can we play Digital TV in our country using this player?
    A: No, it do not come with built in Digital TV, if you wish to have digital TV function please kindly check with us, before you purchase from us at below:
    1) Europe, Australia use DVB-T format, some are upgrading to DVB-T-MPEG4 format
    2) Japan, Brazil uses ISDB-T format.
    3) America, Canada, Mexico uses ATSC format.

    19. Q: Can GPS operate in my country?
    A: The GPS feature is built in and ready to use, but it depending on which GPS Maps company you are using and from which country you are from. For your information, GPS map is not available in every Country or City at this moment, and for the GPS map, make sure it can use for Wince

    20. Q: If the GPS map included?
    A: No, it does not come with any original map, which you may need to purchase at your local. Please make sure your map is ready for Wince

    21. Q: what language is available?
    A: English is included. About other language, please check the introduction.

    22. Q: What is region of DVD?
    A: There is no region limit for this player for worldwide usage.

    23. Q: Do I need to buy other frame and wire harness?
    A: Custom DVD does not need other frame or special wire harness. It was custom made according to the factory frame and wiring.

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