Free shipping yellow Angry bird case for iPhone 4

Here below is High Quality Angry Birds Design Frosted Protective Leather Case Compatible For iPhone 4. It is yellow bird .

1. Compatible For iPhone 4.
2. Made of high-quality frosted leather.
3. Very compact, durable.
4. Hot angry birds series pattern design looks very chic and cute.
5. Perfectly fits the shape of iPhone 4.
6. Excellent protection for your device.

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F160 2.0 Inch Touch Screen China Phone review

There a re lots of china mobile phone available in the phone market now. And there is a trend that many people are buying cheap and high quality china mobile phones. Here now i want to show a good china mobile phone. It is F160 China Mobile Phone.

F160 supports GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz and is unlocked for worldwide use. Color TV can be enjoyed via the 2.0 inches high resolution touch screen. Built in dual cameras – 0.3MP front camera, 3.0MP back camera, this mobile phones supplies good quality photos and videos. Four SIM technology is built in, this China phone allows four SIM cards to standy together without power off to switch cards, but only one SIM call can be answered each time.

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Multifunctional Portable Google Android Robot MP3 Speaker

Google Android Speaker Description:
The portable Google Android Robot MP3 Speaker is not just for decoration or collection but bring us much practical uses. It has transformed to quite useful as well as portable mini music speakers. You will love it when seeing It at the first sight. The super cute appearance, meticulous craftsmanship, every point makes it attractive, can be used as office or home decoration, audio system, speaker, MP3 and card reader. It is also a great gift for the android-gaggets lovers.One google Android speaker is just $12.96, which is quite cheap. Buy it here :


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Cute Angry Birds Style Protective PU Pouch Compatible For Mobile Phone – Green Pig

Angry Birds PU Pouch Description:
With cute Angry Birds pattern, this protective pouch is attractive and fashionable. With soft inner layer, protect your phone from is what you want and need:

1. PU protection pouch for mobile phones.
2. Cute Angry Birds pattern, attractive and fashionable.
3. Soft inner layer, protect your phone from scratch.
4. Fits most mobile phones.

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Attention:iPhone 4 very cheap

Bluetooth Keyboard For iPhone 4 Description:
If you are a huge fan of  iPhone 4 and you are moving to it from a phone like the Touch Pro 2 or a phone with a sliding QWERTY keyboard, then it would be hard for you to use touchscreen keyboard on the iPhone 4, but don’t worry because your problem has been solved. Presenting the Keyboard Buddy Case for iPhone 4, which is a case with built in Slide-out QWERTY keyboard, interesting isn’t it? Well, that will make your iPhone 4 a little bulky, but the case will help you a lot.

1. Wireless Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard compatible for iPhone 4.
2. Rubberized hard shell case.
3. Sliding keyboard.
4. Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
5. Fits AT&T and verizon iPhone 4.
6. Specialized keys.
7. Conveniently designed to provide quick access to all the controls, features, camera, and ports.
8. Includes a USB cable to charge the integrated keyboard.
9. Bluetooth keyboard on/off switch allows you to turn the keyboard off when not in use to conserve battery power.

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Monster Studio High Definition Powered Isolation Headphones 89.2% off

I like listening music in the bus,very enjoy,but when the rush time ,many people in the bus,noise make me can’t heard clear,I really want a good quality  headphones,today the dream have become true.Monster Studio High Definition Powered Isolation Headphones Description:
Artists and producers spend countless hours fine-tuning and mixing music to get it exactly how they want their fans to hear it. But the vast majority of headphones can’t accurately reproduce the intricacies produced in the studio. Simply put, Studios can. With precision-engineered, advanced speaker design, powered amplification, and powered noise cancellation, this Monster Studio headphone allows you to hear music the way today’s top artists and producers want you to hear.

1. Comfortable Head Frame Design:
This Monster Studio headphone adopts the traditional head frame design; its wide head beam and thick sponge can effectively reduce the user’s wearing pressure, can fit your facial contours better and let you wear this headphone more comfortably.

2. Active Noise Reduction Technology:
This Monster Studio headphone adopts the active noise reduction technology. When there is noise, it will actively give out the equal opposite phase acoustic and balance out the noise. Therefore, it can effectively reduce the external noise interference, let you peacefully enjoy the wonderful music details, turn down the volume and protect your hearing at the same time.

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attention:Wireless Mini USB Keyboard new product

*This 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard and Touch Pad Mouse comes with 10m wireless transmitting and receiving capability, you can remote control your notebook from 10m away.
* Adds a professional lecturing and teaching tool to presentations and good help for conferences and meetings.
* USB Dongle included to attach to your PC (Plug and Play, No software to install).Small compact design fits in the palm of your hand.
* Large touch pad for mouse operation and handwriting.
* QWERTY standard layout keypad. Backlit keyboard for convenient operation in darkened room.


RF2.4GHZ, 10m remote transmitting and receiving.
Enhanced Internet TV viewing with Remote Control, you can control your notebook or TV in 10m distance, just like your TV remote control.
Adds a professional lecturing and teaching tool to presentations.
Small compact design fits in the palm of your hand.
USB Dongle included to attach to your PC (Plug and Play, No software to install)
QWERTY layout keypad, easy operation.
Backlit keyboard for convenient operation in darkened room.
Large touch pad for mouse operation and handwriting (2 x 2-1/8)
Rechargeable via your USB port (No batteries needed)
Dimension: 85x 135x 10mm.

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Portable Health Smoking Electronic Cigarette with 2 E-Cigarettes 10 Refills + Freeshipping

Today,more and more people are addicted to smoking,and younger love it,smoke is harmful to your health.beacaue the smoke have many harmful substance,but I found a new product, which Electronic cigarette has all the positive effects the common cigarette has. Moreover, it has no side effects. That is, it does no harm to body health. It has no cigar ash, very clean and safe, etc. It is worth a try.

* Brand new and high quality
* Smoke it anywhere-pub, restaurant, train etc
* Use it to quit/give up smoking or as a healthier alternative
* Feel like smoking and give you nicotine
* It can refresh the smokers and satisfy their smoking addiction, making them happy and relaxed
* Dimension: Approx. 95 x 8.5mm / 3.7 x 0.3in (L x Dia.)

Maybe you will attention it.something you are interestingpower wristband free shippingandCheap power balance wristband.


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Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Tour ControlTalk In- Ear Headphone

Do you like listen music?when I in the bus ,i love listen music,can enjoy the boring time,we need a good ear headphone to listrning clear,today ,I found the best one,share with you.

With Tour ControlTalk, you get the same amazing listening experience of the original Beats by Dr. Dre Tour, with the added convenience of a built-in Monster ControlTalk. ControlTalk gives you on-cable control of your music, as well as easy, high quality hands-free calling. You’ll enjoy quick-access music playback control, like volume, play/pause and tracking, without having to dig for your iPod. Plus, the high-grade mic and sound-isolating headphones all combine to let you hear and be heard much more clearly than you ever could with your phone to your ear.

1. Tangle Free Cable
Earbuds are incredibly convenient, but they’ve got one big problem: they tangle. But this Monster’s innovative, patent-pending flat cable design is ultra-flexible and tangle-free.

2. Hands Free Calls and On-Line Chats
Compatible for iPod and iPhone, ControlTalk lets you talk hands-free on your iPhone or music phone. It works with online voice or video chats on iPod touch or iPhone.

something you are intereting Tablet pcand china phone.

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Spy Watch Hidden Camera DVR – 007 cheapest

This watch not the common as others.which have many fuctions,take many convience to you ,5 in 1 mechanical watch comes with high quality camera, support Video & voice record, compatible with AVI format, resolution is up to 640×480 pixels. Powered by li-ion battery built-in. It is also can be webcam and USB disk, keep video files.

1. Advanced high definition video and pure audio lets you clearly see who is there and hear what they say
2. Shockproof camera, shot photos
3. Great to be used as a hidden camera, spy camera etc.
4. Real time recording in AVI video format with 640×480 pixels
5. With portable charger, able to operate during charging
6. Built in memory onboard, also support TF card for larger memory
7. Use as USB disk
8. Be as webcam
9. Plug & play
10. Be a normal watch
11. Playback video

Hope you like it.more infortion can click site:×480-4gb_p27467.html

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