BEST-853A Warm-up Sets / PCB Board Industry Board Preheat / Heating Plate

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    • Description:
    • BEST-853A Warm-up Sets / PCB Board Industry Board Preheat / Heating Plate    

    Wide temperature range demolition welding system design, high-precision smart temperature control circuit, a simple mode of operation, the system uses high-power 120mm * 120mm warm far-infrared heater, heating rapidly , features excellent. unique insulation design, chassis temperature is low, making the system a substantial increase in the temperature range and other advantages can! removable solderability, is ideal for handling large BGA and computer motherboard expansion slot removal and installation !

    • Specifications:
    • BEST-853A Warm-up Sets / PCB Board Industry Board Preheat / Heating Plate    

    Instructions for use: 
    1, warm-up sets the temperature range of 100 ℃ -500 ℃, when used as recommended PCB preheat feature set at about 300 ℃ temperature, or a project based on actual needs to adjust the temperature, in order to extend the life of heat, do not exceed 400 ℃. 
    2, preheat units can be individually de-soldering operations, with 3.01 million plant products used in conjunction with table stand (or other table stand) 
    3, when the switch is set to hand POWR ON position, preheat units of this power, function switch points of cold and hot two tranches, set HEIT state preheating plate heat into the COOL state is infrared heating plate to cool.When heated, adjust the "UP" or "DOWN" buttons to adjust the temperature, temperature setting, the heat indicator light will flash tips jelly. 
    4, depending on PCB size while adjusting the clamping groove width Spencer, which required rework the PCB suitable fixed clamping groove side or to desired desoldering device position in the Department of infrared heat PCB board above. When the preheating temperature stabilized, the cry at the required pieces of desoldering pins, apply the appropriate rib flux, solder melt to be dissolved, you can remove the device. 
    5, crying in the use of infrared heat for welding, the essential first component pin pad or component lead on the tin, plus tin pre-treatment, welding the components is also appropriate to apply the rib flux, so components can improve the welding quality. After welding, soldering is good to check. 
    6, the operation, inevitably there will be little or solder flux and other items through the network out to block the infrared heat panels, so after a period of time, the board found to have more fever falling objects, in order to improve the heat benefits, to conduct appropriate clean-up. Clean, simply unscrew the eight screws barrier net, barrier net to clean off the surface of the hot object.

    Rated voltage Maximum power Heating type Temperature range Dimensions
    AC 230V 50Hz 605 watts (W) Far infrared heating plate 100 ℃ -500 ℃ 221 * 251 * 112 (mm)

    Model Packing (PSC) Each Weight (KG) Case Weight (KG) Carton size (CM)
    Warm-up sets
    4 3.2 15.6 60 * 36 * 41

    BEST-853A Warm-up Sets / PCB Board Industry Board Preheat / Heating Plate
    BEST-853A Warm-up Sets / PCB Board Industry Board Preheat / Heating Plate

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