Battery M8433 for Apple Laptop

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    • Description:
    • Battery M8433 for Apple Laptop    
    1, independent development of the protection board, a plastic shell package for good performance, and price level. Pack factory is the first choice!
    2, using micro-electrical conductivity through the program to solve the heat problem battery TI program. The new imported IC: BQ2060 + PIC, a perfect overcharge, over discharge, over current, over-voltage protection function, the second protection function, the communication protocol is fully compatible with the original machine, product performance, stability and security.
    3, plastic shell button bit, do not do ultrasound mode. Simple, convenient, high efficiency, good appearance and performance protection.

    Original battery model:

    661-1764     661-2472     661-2569     661-2672
    661-2994     8403         A1008         A1061
    M8403         M8433         M8433G         M8433G/A
    M8433G/B     M8626G/A     M8956         M8956G
    M8956G/A     M8956J/A     M9337         M9337G

    This model replacement for:

    iBook G3 12 M7692J/A" iBook G3 12 M7692LL/A" iBook G3 12 M7698J/A iBook G3 12 M7698LL/A
    iBook G3 12 M8520J/A" iBook G3 12 M8520LL/A" iBook G3 12 M8597J/A" iBook G3 12 M8597J/C"
    iBook G3 12 M8597LL/C" iBook G3 12 M8598J/A" iBook G3 12 M8599J/A" iBook G3 12 M8599J/C"
    iBook G3 12 M8599LL/C" iBook G3 12 M8600J/A" iBook G3 12 M8600LL/A" iBook G3 12 M8602J/A"
    iBook G3 12 M8602LL/A" iBook G3 12 M8758*/A" iBook G3 12 M8758B/A*" iBook G3 12 M8758J/A"
    iBook G3 12 M8758LL/A" iBook G3 12 M8758S/A" iBook G3 12 M8758T/A*" iBook G3 12 M8758Y/A"
    iBook G3 12 M8860*/A" iBook G3 12 M8860B/A*" iBook G3 12 M8860J/A" iBook G3 12 M8860LL/A"
    iBook G3 12 M8860S/A" iBook G3 12 M8860T/A" iBook G3 12 M8860Y/A" iBook G3 12 M8861*/A"
    iBook G3 12 M8861B/A*" iBook G3 12 M8861J/A" iBook G3 12 M8861LL/A" iBook G3 12 M8861S/A"
    iBook G3 12 M8861T/A" iBook G3 12 M8861Y/A" iBook G3 12 M9018*/A" iBook G3 12 M9018B/A*"
    iBook G3 12 M9018J/A" iBook G3 12 M9018LL/A" iBook G3 12 M9018S/A" iBook G3 12 M9018T/A*"
    iBook G3 12 M9018Y/A" iBook G4 12 M9164LL/A" iBook G4 12 M9426LL/A" iBook G4 12 M9623"
    iBook G4 12 M9623*/A" iBook G4 12 M9623CH/A" iBook G4 12 M9623LL/A" iBook G4 12 M9623X/A"
    iBook G4 12 M9623ZH/A" iBook G4 12 M9846*/A" iBook G4 12 M9846CH/A" iBook G4 12 M9846LL/A"
    iBook G4 12 M9846X/A" iBook G4 12 Series" iBook M7699J/A iBook M9426ZH/A

    • Specifications:
    • Battery M8433 for Apple Laptop    
    Model No:      APK-M8433
    Vottage:     11.1V
    Capacity:     4400mAh
    Color:     grey
    Battery M8433 for Apple Laptop

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