Battery for HP Laptop NX7000

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    • Description:
    • Battery for HP Laptop NX7000    

    Original battery model:

    336962-001         337607-001         337607-002         PP2080
    PP2082P         337607-003         DG103A         DL615A

    This model replacement for:

    Pavilion nx7000 Pavilion nx7010 Presario X1000-DE185AV Presario X1000-DE186AV
    Presario X1000-DE707AV Presario X1000-DK454AV Presario X1001US Presario X1001US-DK575A
    Presario X1001US-DK575AR Presario X1002US Presario X1002US-DM771A Presario X1002US-DM771AR
    Presario X1005EA Presario X1005EA-DL681A Presario X1005LA Presario X1005LA-DL858A
    Presario X1006EA Presario X1006EA-DM933A Presario X1007EA Presario X1007EA-DL964A
    Presario X1010AL-DR830A Presario X1010CA Presario X1010CA-DL857A Presario X1010CA-DL857AR
    Presario X1010EA Presario X1010EA-DL963A Presario X1010US Presario X1010US-DK571A
    Presario X1010US-DK571AR Presario X1011AL-DR831A Presario X1012AL-DR832A Presario X1012EA
    Presario X1012EA-DL965A Presario X1012QV Presario X1012QV-DN585A Presario X1012QV-DN585AR
    Presario X1015US Presario X1015US-DN624A Presario X1015US-DN624AR Presario X1016EA
    Presario X1016EA-DM415A Presario X1018CL Presario X1018CL-DK574A Presario X1018CL-DK574AR
    Presario X1020EA Presario X1020EA-DM416A Presario X1020US Presario X1020US-DK572A
    Presario X1020US-DK572AR Presario X1021AP-DN582A Presario X1022AP Presario X1022AP-DN583A
    Presario X1023AP Presario X1023AP-DN584A Presario X1026AP-DN587A Presario X1027AP-DN588A
    Presario X1028AP-DN589A Presario X1028CL Presario X1028CL-DL898A Presario X1028CL-DL898AR
    Presario X1029AP-DN600A Presario X1030AP-DN591A Presario X1030US Presario X1030US-DM773A
    Presario X1030US-DM773AR Presario X1031AP Presario X1031AP-DN592A Presario X1032AP
    Presario X1032AP-DN593A Presario X1033AP Presario X1033AP-DN594A Presario X1034AP
    Presario X1034AP-DN595A Presario X1035AP Presario X1035AP-DN596A Presario X1036AP
    Presario X1036AP-DN597A Presario X1037AP Presario X1037AP-DN598A Presario X1038AP-DN599A
    Presario X1039AP Presario X1040AP Presario X1040AP-DN601A Presario X1040US
    Presario X1040US-DM774A Presario X1040US-DM774AR Presario X1041AP Presario X1041AP-DN602A
    Presario X1042AP-DN603A Presario X1043AP-DN604A Presario X1044AP Presario X1044AP-DN605A
    Presario X1045AP-DN606A Presario X1046AP-DN607A Presario X1047AP Presario X1047AP-DN608A
    Presario X1048AP-DN609A Presario X1049AP-DN610A Presario X1050AP-DN611A Presario X1050CA
    Presario X1050CA-DP485U Presario X1050CA-DP485UR Presario X1050US Presario X1050US-DM777A
    Presario X1050US-DM777AR Presario X1051AP Presario X1051AP-DN612A Presario X1052AP
    Presario X1052AP-DN613A Presario X1053AP Presario X1053AP-DN614A Presario X1054AP

    • Specifications:
    • Battery for HP Laptop NX7000    
    Model No:      APK-NX7000
    Vottage:     14.8V
    Capacity:     4400mAh
    Color:     black
    Battery for HP Laptop  NX7000

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