ATTEN ATF20B DDS Digital Synthesis Function Generator

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    • Description:
    • ATTEN ATF20B DDS Digital Synthesis Function Generator    

    ATF20B DDS function generator uses digital synthesis techniques, complete with fast measurement indicators and performance required for many features. Its simple but clear front panel design and Chinese / English LCD screen enables you to operate and easier to observe, scalable option feature, gives you the enhanced system

    Main Features:
    ● Frequency accuracy: the frequency precision can reach 10-5 magnitude;
    ● High frequency resolution: a full range of frequency resolution 40mHz;
    ● no range restriction: a full range of frequency, regardless of file, direct digital set;
    ● no filtering process: the instant when the switching frequency to achieve a stable value, non-continuous signal phase and amplitude distortion;
    ● high precision waveform: output waveform synthesized by the function to calculate the value of the waveform with high precision, low distortion;
    ● a variety of waveforms: Waveforms can be output 32;
    ● Pulse feature: You can set the precise pulse duty cycle;
    ● harmonic characteristics: fundamental and harmonic signals can be output, the two phase adjustable;
    ● Scanning Features: Scan with the frequency and amplitude Scanning for starting and ending point of any setting;
    ● modulation characteristics: the output frequency can be modulated FM signal;
    ● keying feature: You can output frequency shift keying FSK, ASK amplitude shift keying and phase shift keying PSK signals;
    ● burst characteristics: burst count can be output pulse train signal;
    ● Storage Features: can store 40 groups of users to set the instrument state parameters, can be called up to reproduce;
    ● calculation function: You can use the frequency or period, amplitude, RMS or peak to peak;
    ● Operation: All key operation, the / both English menu display, direct digital set or a continuous adjustment knob;
    ● High reliability: large-scale integrated circuits, surface mount technology, high reliability, long life;
    ● Protection: overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, output short circuit protection a few minutes, the anti-sink voltage protection;
    ● Frequency Measurement: optional frequency counter function of the internal / external signal frequency measurement;
    ● power amplifier: optional power amplifier, output power can reach 7W;
    ● Programmable features: optional RS232 interface.

    • Specifications:
    • ATTEN ATF20B DDS Digital Synthesis Function Generator    
    Technical Specifications 
    1 Output A characteristic waveform features 
    Waveform Type 
    Sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, pulse and other 32 waveforms
    Wave length 
    1024 point sampling rate: 100MSa / S
    Waveform amplitude resolution 
    Harmonic sine wave arrived in the system 
    ≥ 40dBc (<1MHz), ≥ 35dBc (1MHz ~ 10MHz)
    Total distortion sine wave 
    ≤ 1% (20Hz ~ 200kHz)
    Square-wave movements along the time 
    ≤ 35nS Overshoot: ≤ 10%
    Duty cycle square wave 
    1% to 99%

    Frequency range 
    Sine: 40mHz ~ 20MHz
    Other waveforms: 40mHz ~ 1MHz
    Frequency resolution 
    Frequency Accuracy 
    ± (5 × 10 -5 +40 mHz)
    Frequency stability 
    ± 5 × 10 -6 / 3小时

    Amplitude characteristics
    Amplitude range 2mVpp ~ 20Vpp 40mHz ~ 10MHz (high impedance)
    2mVpp ~ 15Vpp 10MHz ~ 15MHz (high impedance)
    2mVpp ~ 8Vpp 15MHz ~ 20MHz (high impedance)
    Resolution 20mVpp (magnitude> about 2Vpp), 2mVpp (range <about 2V)
    Amplitude accuracy ± (1% +2 mVrms) (high impedance, RMS, frequency of 1kHz)
    Amplitude stability ± 0.5% / 3 小时
    Amplitude flatness ± 5% (frequency <10MHz), ± 10% (10MHz <Frequency)
    Output impedance 50Ω

    Offset feature 
    Offset Range 
    ± 10V (high impedance, attenuation at 0dB) Resolution: 20mVdc
    Offset Accuracy 
    ± (1% +20 mVdc)

    Scan characteristics (linear frequency sweep) 
    Scanning range 
    Arbitrarily set the starting point and end point
    Scanning step 
    Any value greater than the resolution
    Scan rate 
    10mS ~ 60S / step
    Forward scanning, reverse scanning, scanning from

    FM Features 
    Carrier signal 
    A signals
    Modulated signal 
    B signals internal or external signal
    FM Depth 
    0% to 20%

    Keying Features 
    Frequency hopping carrier frequency and arbitrary
    Carrier amplitude and transition rate of any set
    Jump disguised bit: 0 ~ 360 °, maximum resolution: 1 °
    Turn rate 
    10mS ~ 60S

    Burst characteristics 
    Carrier signal 
    A signals
    TTL_A signals
    Burst count 
    1-65000 cycles
    Burst mode 
    Internal TTL, external, single

    2 Output characteristics of the waveform characteristics of B 
    Waveform Type 
    Sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, pulse and other 32 waveforms
    Wave length 
    1024 point sampling rate: 12.5MSa / S
    Waveform amplitude resolution 
    Duty cycle square wave 
    1% to 99%

    Frequency range 
    Sine: 40mHz ~ 1MHz other waveforms: 10mHz ~ 100kHz
    Frequency resolution 
    Frequency Accuracy 
    ± (1 × 10 -5 +10 mHz)

    Amplitude characteristics 
    Amplitude range 
    50mVpp ~ 20Vpp (high impedance) Resolution: 20mVpp
    Output impedance 

    Burst characteristics 
    Carrier signal 
    B signals
    TTL_B signals
    Burst count 
    1-65000 cycles
    Burst mode 
    Internal TTL, external, single

    3.TTL output characteristics ● waveform characteristics: square wave, rise and fall time ≤ 20nS 
    ● Frequency: 40mHz ~ 1MHz 
    ● Amplitude Characteristics: TTL, CMOS compatible, low <0.3V, High> 4V 

    4 General features 
    Power conditions 
    Voltage: AC220V (1 ± 10%) 
    AC110V (1 ± 10%) (Note that the input voltage switch position) 
    Frequency: 50Hz (1 ± 5%) 
    Power consumption: <45VA
    Environmental conditions 
    Temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃ Humidity: <80%
    Operating characteristics 
    All buttons, knobs continuous adjustment
    TFT LCD, 320 * 240, Chinese / English menu
    Chassis Size 
    415mm × 295mm × 195mm (L × W × H)
    Manufacturing process 
    Surface mount technology, large-scale integrated circuits, high reliability, long service life.

    Option Description 
    1 Frequency counter: If you buy a frequency counter, frequency counter will be installed within the instrument modules, its input connected to the rear panel of the "outer measure input" jack. On the use of this option are described in detail in the manual. 
    ● Frequency Range: 1Hz ~ 100MHz 
    ● Input signal amplitude: 100mVpp ~ 20Vpp 
    2 power amplifier: If you buy a power amplifier, the chassis will install a power amplifier board, which is independent of an instrument component, its input connected to the rear panel of the "amplifier input" jack, output connected to the rear panel of the "2 times the power amplifier output" socket. When used with a test cable, connected to the input signal "amplifier input" port on the rear panel of the "2 times the power amplifier output" that is 2 times the power can be amplified through the signal.Input signal can be a local output A, output B, can also be a signal to other devices. 
    ● Input voltage: 
    Amplifier voltage gain is twice the maximum output amplitude of 22Vpp, so the maximum input rate should be limited to 11Vpp, exceeds the limit, the output signal distortion. 
    ● Frequency range: 
    Power amplifier frequency range 10Hz ~ 150kHz, within this range amplitude flatness better than 3%, sine wave distortion better than 1%, the highest frequency can reach 200kHz. 
    ● Output Power: 
    Amplifier output power expression: P = V2 / R; expression: P is the output power (in W), V rms output amplitude (in Vrms), R is the load resistance (in Ω) maximum output rate of up to 22Vpp (7.8Vrms), minimum load resistance can be as small 2Ω, also the working environment temperature is higher, the higher the output signal frequency, the smaller the required output signal distortion, maximum power output may reach the smaller, Under normal circumstances the maximum output power up to 7W (8Ω) or 1W (50Ω). 
    ● Output Protection: 
    Power amplifier with output short-circuit protection and thermal protection are generally not damaged, but should try to avoid prolonged output short circuit. Frequency, amplitude and load limits as not to be used, especially two parameters can not be used limits, so as not to damage the power amplifier performance. 
    If you buy the RS232, RS232 interface via remote control of the instrumentation. 
     ATTEN ATF20B DDS Digital Synthesis Function Generator
     ATTEN ATF20B DDS Digital Synthesis Function Generator
     ATTEN ATF20B DDS Digital Synthesis Function Generator

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