ATTEN AT7328 Two-channel Analog Oscilloscope / 20M Analog Dual trace Oscilloscope

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    • Description:
    • ATTEN AT7328 Two-channel Analog Oscilloscope / 20M Analog Dual trace Oscilloscope    
    High brightness and high acceleration voltage of the CRT, the CRT speed, high brightness. Acceleration voltage of 2 kV, even in the case of high-speed scanning can show a clear trajectory. Alternate triggering can observe two different frequencies of the signal waveform. TV signal synchronization, the oscilloscope has a sync signal separation circuit can be maintained with the television signals and line signals field synchronization. CH1 output on the

    • Specifications:
    • ATTEN AT7328 Two-channel Analog Oscilloscope / 20M Analog Dual trace Oscilloscope    
    Technical Specifications 
    Vertical System <BR> sensitivity: 5mV ~ 5V/DIV, 10 steps 1-2-5 sequence accuracy: ≤ 3% 
    Tuning Sensitivity: 1/2.5 or less of panel-indicated value Bandwidth: DC ~ 20MHz AC coupled: less than 10Hz (for 100KHz8DIV Frequency-3dB) 
    Rise time: about 17.5nS 
    Input impedance: Approx 1MΩ/25pF 
    Square wave characteristics: Overshoot: ≤ 5% (in 10mV/DIV range); other distortion: add the value ≤ 5% 
    DC balance move: 5mV ~ 5V, DIV: ± 0.5DIV 
    Linear: When the waveform in the grid center vertically (2DIV) rate of change ≤ ± 0.1DIV 
    Vertical mode: CH1 channel 1; CH2 channel 2; DUAL: Channel 1 and Channel 2 also shows that any scan speed selectable alternating or intermittent manner; ADD: Channel 1 and Channel 2 to do algebraic sum of intermittent repetition frequency: approximately 25KHz 
    Input Coupling: AC, GND, DC 
    Maximum input voltage: 300V peak (AC frequency ≤ 1KHz) 
    Insulation between channels:> 1000:150 KHz (in 5mV/DIV range)> 30:120 MHz> 30:140 MHz 
    Common-mode rejection ratio: 50KHz sine wave at> 50:1 (CH1 and CH2 of the sensitivity in the same case) 
    CH1 signal output: Minimum 20mV/DIV (50Ω output bandwidth of 50Hz ~ 5MHz) 
    CH2 INV BAL: Balanced point variation ≤ 1DIV (at center graticule) 

    Trigger <BR> trigger source: CH1, CH2, LINE, EXT (in DUAL or ADD mode, CH1 CH2 can only choose from one of the ALT mode, if the TRIG ALT switch pressed, can be used as two different signals Alternate trigger) 
    Coupling: AC: 20Hz to the entire band Polarity: + / - 
    Sensitivity: 20Hz ~ 2MHz: 1.0DIV; TRIG-ALT: 2DIV; EXT: 200mV; 2MHz ~ 20MHz: 1.5DIV; TRIG-ALT: 3DIV; EXT800mV; TV sync pulse> 1DIV (EXT: 1V) 
    Trigger mode: AUTO automatically when there is no trigger signal is input, scanning in the free mode (for frequencies greater than 25Hz repetition of the signal); NORM, normal when there is no trigger signal, the trace does not display in the standby state; TV games When you want to observe a television signal; TV line, when you want to observe a line of TV signal (only if the same frequency pulse signal is negative, only lines with the same TV market and TV) 
    External trigger mode signal: the input impedance of about 1MΩ/25p 
    Input impedance: Maximum input voltage: 300V (DC + AC peak) 
    Maximum Input Voltage: AC frequency is not greater than 1KHz 

    Level system <BR> scan time: 0.2uSec ~ 0.5Sec/DIV, 20 steps in 1-2-5 sequence file Accuracy: ± 3% 
    Fine-tuning: ≤ 1/2.5 of panel-indicated scale Scanned: 10 times × 10MAG Sweep Time Accuracy: ± 5% (20nSec ~ 50nSec uncorrected) 
    Linearity: ± 3% × 10MAG: ± 5% (20nS ~ 50nS uncorrected) 
    Displacement caused by the × 10MAG: center less than a CRT 2DIV 

    <BR> Sensitivity XY mode: the same vertical axis bandwidth: DC-500KHz 
    XY phase difference: less than or equal to 3 degrees (DC-50KHz between) 

    <BR> Z-axis sensitivity: 5Vp-p 
    Bandwidth: DC-2MHz 
    Input impedance: about 47KΩ 
    Maximum input voltage: 30V (DC + AC peak, AC frequency is less than or equal to 1KHz) 

    <BR> Correction signal waveform: square wave frequency: about 1KHz 
    Duty: less than 48:52 
    Output voltage: 2Vp-p ± 2% 
    Output impedance: Approx. 1KΩ 

    CRT CRT <BR> Model: 6 inch rectangle, phosphor powder within the scale specifications: P31 
    Acceleration voltage: about 2KV 20MHz 
    About 12KV 40MHz 
    Active screen area: 8 × 10DIV [1DIV = 10mm] 
    Scale: Internal Trace Rotation: Adjustable panel 

    Power requirements <BR> voltage: AC220V ± 10% fixed or convertible 110/220 Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz 
    Power consumption: about 40VA 

    Work environment <BR> temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ 
    Maximum operating range: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ 
    Humidity: 85% RH, drying machine size: 310 * 150 * 455mm 
    Weight: about 8KG 
    Storage temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ 

    Accessories <BR> power cord: a manual: 1 probe: 2 
    ATTEN AT7328 Two-channel Analog Oscilloscope / 20M Analog Dual trace Oscilloscope

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