All-metal three-channel remote control helicopter

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    • Description:
    • All-metal three-channel remote control helicopter    
    All-metal three-channel remote control helicopter
    Features: this plane is the ratio of gyro digital version of an all-alloy remote control helicopter, can do 360-degree accurate directional, up, down, forward, backward, turn left, turn right, hovering in the air and other functions; aircraft design also has many unique: built-in gyro of the aircraft more stable and wind resistant and easy to hover; sculls coaxial design even beginners can easily remote control; plane metal frame, metal body, alloy tripod, alloy balance sheet and alloy rear support bracket, many of the metal material to make the aircraft more stable, impact; machine body with a lantern, flying at night is more beautiful!
    1, the product of high strength metallic materials, combined with simulation of aircraft design, the machine has a strong anti wrestling ability.
    2, can easily control the forward and back, sitting right turn, hover, and landing point.
    3, high-performance microcomputer control, the reaction precisely, can quickly make a variety of flying and air routes.
    4, an improved metal structure, will bring a longer helicopter flight time, flight operations allows you to enjoy the fun!
    Technical parameters:
     1 Body mA with 3.7V 1000mAh Lithium Battery
     2 Remote Control Battery: 8 5 batteries (not included)
     3 Main Motor: 130 motor * 2
     4 Transmitter: 3 channel
     5 frequency: 40MHz/27MHz (different frequencies can operate simultaneously, the same frequency control of two aircraft at the same time need to pull more than 100 meters distance)
     6 altitude of about 20-30 meters remote control distance of about 50-100 meters, depending on the height of the operator's skill level and battery charge in the
     7 Charging time :  100 ~ 110 minutes
     8 flying time : of about 10 to 15 minutes

    • Specifications:
    • All-metal three-channel remote control helicopter    
    Product Name: Simulation RC Helicopter (Lithium) Gyro version of electronic lighting
    Physical Size: Body length: 39cm wide and 8.5cm high 19cm diameter 36cm main wing
    Carton Size: 28cm long 53cm wide and 16cm high
    Packing Weight: 2kg body weight 205g
    Material: ABS engineering plastic, alloy body, electronic devices
    All-metal three-channel remote control helicopter

    • Additional Info:
    • All-metal three-channel remote control helicopter    

    Product Details:
    1 * remote control helicopter
    1 * charger  
    1 * spare tail antenna
    1 * Manual in English
    1 right age: 8 years old big friend.
    2 charge the helicopter's power switch off (allocated to the OFF side), the charging plug on the charger is connected to the power slot on the body, then the charger into the power Oh. LED lights up when charging, when fully charged when the LED light goes out, charging time is 100 --- 110 minutes (if in doubt, please refer to the attached instructions)
    3 balancing pole and the plane is only one connection between the locking blade, this is the manufacturers to design, not fewer pieces Oh
    4 landing gear on the black wire wrapped around a few times, this line is used to receive the signal, please do not remove, or affect the remote control range of Oh!
    5 charge the correct connection, insert the aircraft will burn anti-oh
    6 Do not rush just received fly Oh baby, be sure to first low-flying, remote control of the familiar and then slowly fly Oh!
    7 Do not fly in the room Oh, or fear of crashing the aircraft back to the furniture in your home Oh!
    8 Please read carefully before using the product manual, so as to avoid losses.
    9 The picture version of the aircraft gyro, the so-called built-in gyro aircraft, the aircraft is not an autobiography, do not always adjust the fine-tuning is much easier to control, recommended for beginners to buy, if you want to challenge yourself to buy without the gyro aircraft Oh, that is more suitable challenger ~
    10 remote control every time you start, you need to activate before you can use the remote control (on the left joystick then pushed to the top pull down)

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