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    • 9LED bike taillight + Free Shipping    
    Name: 9LED bicycle tail light            
    Size: 75 * 45 * 35 MM This product is suitable for tube diameter (28MM-34MM)
    Material: plastic + waterproof rubber gasket (red circle)
    Appearance: fine processing, the appearance looked fine generous. Subject to red, the second side is transparent.
    Weight: about 100 G wide box
    Battery: Use 2 AAA batteries (AAA batteries)
    Flash mode: (in-kind detail to see the video - very clear)
    A. 9 lights all bright
    B. 9 lights full bright flash
    C. 9 lights all bright flash slowly
    D. dual-lamp counterclockwise beating
    E. dual-lamp clockwise beating
    F. dual-lamp flash scrolling jumps - quick
    J. dual-lamp rolling jump Flash - slow
    Shockproof waterproof bicycle taillights, highlighting the unique lighting design, there are nine bright A-LED lamp, seven kinds of variable light patterns, Dengxin the way home from left to right respectively, according to 2-2-1-2-2 , using the middle red light cover, both sides of the transparent style, big Fang Xinying. Particularly suitable for high-end bicycles and regular night cycling friends. From European design, through the CE certification, quality and more reliable. By VYI high hardness plastic, will not be riding when the fracture. High brightness, using special A-lamp, before the built-in high-quality reflective bowl, it is the brightness in the original basis for further increase of 40%.
    Instructions for use: the back of a single button control switch, while back there was the clamp (clip), can be caught in the bike, belt or shoulder or backpack, school bags and other belongings, the warning from security, to protect personal safety.
    Do not use rechargeable batteries in this product. Use of the 7th ordinary AAA batteries.

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