12000MAH Multi-Purpose Solar Notebook Charger

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    • Description:
    • 12000MAH Multi-Purpose Solar Notebook Charger    
    1, the input interface: DCΦ 4.0.
    2, the output interface: DCΦ 3.5 interface and UsB interface output.
    3, Material: plastic (ABs), fire retardant materials.
    4, multiple different voltage can output at the same time, it will be very convenient for many digital products to supply the electric quantity in time.
    5, LED power and charge-discharge display.
    6. the scope of application: Applicable to all types of laptop charging, and a most of the mobile phone, PDA, portable DC, digital cameras, digital learning machine, MP3, NIP4, digital cameras, PsP game consoles, mobile DVD in the market.

    • Specifications:
    • 12000MAH Multi-Purpose Solar Notebook Charger    
    1. stability: adapt imported high-quality Lithium polymer batteries, ≥ 300 times charge and discharge cycles, capacity greater than 80%. Sustainable long charge and discharge, the performance is stable.
    2. The standard charging process: four processes of pre-filled, CC, CV, and then filling.
    3. Intelligence: intelligent design; over-charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit protection; automatically detect the battery, the battery self-balancing, security, lock output. There are 5 LED lights indicate battery power.
    4. Portability: personalized design; Rd output voltage, independent design that greatly simplifies the operational procedures in a way, and prevent the misuse of press operation, which will be very convenient the users.
    5. Practical: Universal suits and portfolio allocation, which is practical and convenient to reduce all kinds of digital products on the plug configuration requirements, so you operate various digital appliances freely, and it can also improve your digital product efficiency.
    6. Environmental friendly: use environment friendly forms of energy-saving solar panels to keep the inside of the lithium battery power, it is not only environment friendly, and it is also a perfect choice for you to use it as a spare charging tool when traveling outside.
    7. The discharge output: there are seven outputs: five DC and two USB output, but output up to only five, three DC (12V ~ 19V can not output at the same time, at any time only one output) and two USB, and the maximum output power is only 70W, if the output exceeds 70W, it will automatically turn off the last inserted DC output.
    8. No-load automatic shutdown: In 2 minutes, without any load, the machine will automatically shut down to sleep, to reduce static power battery to ensure the standby time.
    9. When you turn off the machine to charge the battery, the USB has output, DC has no output, the red LED lights, LED battery indicator lights while scrolling display, charge to the corresponding charge, the corresponding LED to stop rolling, the battery is fully charged, the five LED is lit, stop scrolling. When you turn on the machine to charge the battery, the indicate bright orange LED lights, LED battery indicator while scrolling, DC and USB output simultaneously.

    Operations Guide
    1, Power on: Press the "PRESS" button for three seconds, LED indicator on the Power On Self Test: Five LED battery indicator flashes once, Happy Valley, from left to right, once again shining at the same time, three seconds and then display the current charge, Five LED lamp, self-test completed. Power indicator green LED lights that is power on.
    2. Power off: Press the "PRESS" button for three seconds, LED lights off, shut down the circuit into sleep.
    3. The charge input: The process is built-in battery charger.
    A. charging adapter: The adapter is connected to the charging port (DCΦ 4.0), the red LED indicator light, the different charge voltage, charge current is different, charging input voltage range: 14V ~ 24V, the higher the voltage, charge current more small, the charging indicator 5 blue LED, water display.
    B. Solar panels charge: Open the solar panel, so that solar panels are facing the sun to charge the battery, the red LED indicator light.

    12000MAH Multi-Purpose Solar Notebook Charger
    12000MAH Multi-Purpose Solar Notebook Charger

    • Additional Info:
    • 12000MAH Multi-Purpose Solar Notebook Charger    

    1. In the use of this product, please use an external power source to charge the battery on the machine.
    2. Can not go beyond the scope of charging voltage, to prevent damage to the charger and externa equipment.
    3. To avoid placing the unit in high temperature, high fever (ω ℃ above), humid and corrosive environment: do not use the machine near the fire place.
    4. The surface wet, please wipe with a dry towel, do not bake it at a high temperature .
    5. Do not let the machine connect water, oil and use a sharp object to tosse buttons and input / output ports.
    6. Disassemble the product without permission is strictly prohibited.
    7. If the boot light is off, LED is not shown, may be built-in battery is low, built-in battery protection circuit for protection to stop their work; then have to charge the internal battery to let tne machine work .
    8. In order to activate the machine's built-in lithium battery, charging time will be 12 hours or more first three times.
    9. The unit supports charging and discharge at the same time, but this will do some damages to the battery, so you should avoid this method.

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